Signatures for OMU tramline

Signatures were signed for the OMU tram line: the construction protocol of the 6 bin 31 meter light rail line that will pass through the campus of Ondokuz Mayis University (OMU) was signed between Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, OMU and the contractor company.

The signatures of the project, which is the last step of the project of light rail system to the university, were taken with a ceremony held in Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz, Rector of OMU Dr. A contract was signed between Sait Bilgiç and the contractor Metroray. 12 thousand 862 meters in total, the company will build a railway next week will perform the laying ceremony.

Speaking before the signature of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz said,, Samsun light rail system, entered into service in 2010. Initially, the 16 rail line, which started with the 17 train, reached 50 thousand passengers in a day. When the trains were not enough, we got additional 5 new trains. In the number of passengers, the 58 came out in thousands of days. Then our line has reached 14 km to Tekkeköy and we have 31 km train line. When the trains aren't enough, we got another train from 8. We are currently serving by 29 train. After the development of our lines, OMU Rector. Dr. Sait Bilgiç teacher, 'light rail system should go up into our university,' he said. The fact that the line to be made to the university alone was very costly was making us cautious. Rector, to deal with these difficulties to help us in all matters and the existing minibus lines up to university to compete with the train will be removed from the competition, the university said they would not enter the minibus. Minibuses, when entering the university, both manufacturing, road construction and operating costs, said they can pull down. We couldn't be insensitive about the efforts. In the future, when the line does not enter the minibuses when we take service, a university student will be able to go to the door of the country from any point of the city. This will both encourage the train journey and reduce the operating costs of the train. With these thoughts, we have become courageous to this project. We tender the project we prepared. Hazır


Stating that they will build a two-lane 6-meter 31 meter train with two lanes of 12 thousand 862 meters, Mayor Yılmaz said, N The new university light rail route will be in the form of a double line 6 bin 31 meter. So we'll build the 12 bin 862 meter train track here. 2 pieces will put transformer. 10 will put the stations station. We will do various electromechanical plants. 53 will be installed in thousands meters MV and DSI installation cables. 60 will be installed in the weak current cables of a thousand meters AG. They will seriously raise the cost. 192 will be made in the catenary pole, X he said.


Bilgiç emphasized that he hoped that the texture of the university would not be disturbed and made even more beautiful, and added, daha I am a happy parent witness after a short while. We had a common consensus in our first meeting with our President. Our 56 thousand students, our 6 bin 500 staff, will provide a healthy, civilized and comfortable transportation to a very active area with daily patient and visitor mobility. Our students and our citizens are very fortunate in this regard. We are pleased that the light rail system passes through the campus of our university. We hope that the aesthetic texture of our campus will be preserved and even more beautiful with the little touches. We have students from the 101 country of the world. They live on a very busy campus. This should leave a mark in their memory as an exemplary living space in their future. I wish the President and the company that took the tender will be more sensitive to the campus while facilitating and enhancing the transportation. I wish it to be good. Hayır

After the speeches, the parties signed the contract. 2018 of the contractor firm construction 10. plans to finish by month.

OMU Secretary General Menderes Kabadayı, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Coşkun Öncel, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Sefer Arlı and Mustafa Yurt participated in the protocol.

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