There are more tram charges in Sams

Is tram costs more in Samsun is located in Turkey and in the national press of the most expensive tram transport services in Samsun province with $ 4 because the movement; our reporter did some research on tram charges with some citizens.

We received the opinions of the citizens in the overpass in Samsun Türk-İş Cumhuriyet District. One of the students of Samsun Onur Ateş Anatolian High School said that the fee was normal because they received a refund, while another student stated that it was cheaper to the students and that they were supplementing the fee because the amount remaining in the return was below 4 liras. .

In the meantime, some citizens avoided commentary saw.

Oktay ZERRİN- Samsun

Videos of the news:

Video 1- With Onur Ateş Anatolian High School students:

Video 2: short image of tram in motion:

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