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Railways Buy a train ticket, query TCDD flights, How to get a train ticket: With the approach of holidays, those who want to travel now have already made their reservations. can be taken and the flights can be questioned.

In our new sales system, you can change and return your tickets to the Open Ticket which is valid for six months in case of request without iste refund deduction Yeni.

Open tickets, trains and trains without any distinction on all YHT and Outline trains, you can use your ticket instead of money.

When the validity period of your open tickets expires, you use all or part of your open tickets to purchase any tickets. The remaining amount is not refundable in any way.

Tickets purchased with open tickets do not have the right to change and return.

Sales and Transport Rules

Transportation Agreement

Each passenger who receives his ticket under the terms and conditions set by TCDD or who has a valid travel document approved by TCDD for carriage is deemed to have made a contract with TCDD.
According to this; TCDD commits to transport the passenger from an exit point to a destination within the conditions specified by him. The TCDD shall be deemed to have accepted the rules for carriage.

The ile transport contract “concluded is generally confirmed by the document issued in paper and / or electronic form (referred to as a ticket), which is valid under the conditions set for the requested journey. The ticket is arranged for any kind of travel within the application area of ​​this tariff. The contract begins with the passenger entering the train or vehicle at the exit point specified in the ticket and ends at the point of departure by the train or vehicle.


Until a ticket is proved, it is proof that the conditions of carriage are accepted. TCDD sales system records are taken as a basis for all kinds of passengers are deemed to have accepted this provision.

In case of emergencies related to extraordinary situations (force majeure etc.) which are not caused by TCDD or security related to railway traffic, the transportation contract shall be deemed invalid.

In case of special journeys or with at least two separate transport vehicles, tickets can be arranged as a single ticket for each trip and as a separate ticket for each trip. A single ticket may also contain several carriage contracts, provided that it is expressly stated in the special conditions of carriage.

In case the journeys to be made, such as buses, ships, commuter trains, etc. with other means of transportation will also be used, the law and tariff provisions to which the means of transportation are used shall be applied.


The ticket is the document which is arranged directly or indirectly by TCDD's sales channels through the authorized agencies, which is arranged in personalized paper or electronic form for each journey and provides travel of the passenger under the conditions of validity.

Some cards or documents arranged according to the nature of the voyage and the passenger also replace tickets.

Each ticket has a fee and validity conditions and special conditions and the passenger is transported on the condition that the travel fee is prepaid.

E-Tickets for the e-tickets from the system in the output of the information according to the nature of the expedition takes place. In the ticket sales to the outline and YHT trains, the information sent is also the ticket of the SMS.

The information on the tickets may vary according to the nature of the trip, the quality of the passenger and the sales channels.

Ticket Types

There are 3 types of tickets priced according to the change and return right.

These Ones;

  1. Cheap Ticket: The 50 discount of the standard ticket fare can be purchased within a certain number of seats, starting with the opening of the ticket for sale, until 72 hours of departure. promotional tickets that do not have the right to return, change or convert to open tickets. When the number of promotional seats expires, the low cost option becomes inactive. Discounted tariffs (Junior, Teacher, 65 Age, etc.) are not applicable for low-cost tickets. (As of today, it is applied only in Ankara-Istanbul (Pendik) and Konya-Istanbul (Pendik) tracks.
  2. Standard Ticket: 5 is a ticket that can be taken until 1 minutes before the departure of the train. Tariff discounts apply to these tickets.
  3. Flexible Ticket: 3 tickets are entitled to change, refund and convert to open tickets. It is sold at a slightly higher rate than the standard fare. Tariff discounts apply to these tickets.
  • As of today, different ticket types are applied only on YHT lines.

Ticket Sales Times

Except for special cases;

  • YHT and Outline train tickets until the 15 Days before the date of travel; reservation and sale begins.
    Regional train tickets are sold on the day of travel.
  • The ticket sale transaction request can be made from 5 minutes before the departure from the selected departure station at the box office, and from the other departure channels (internet, mobile, call center, etc.) to the 15 minutes before the departure starts from the selected exit station.

Exceptional circumstances:

  • There may be restrictions on the sale of certain cruise and ticket types due to various operational requirements resulting from the construction of railway lines or TCDD. Tickets for flights can be booked at any time. Therefore, before requesting tickets, passengers should follow the warnings from TCDD's website and sales channels and make ticket requests.
  • TCDD declares the stations, stations, stops, sales offices and working hours to be sold at the relevant establishments and website.
  • TCDD can change, restrict, cancel and cancel ticket sales practices and rules related to courses, expeditions, time, discounts.

Editing Tickets

  • In general, tickets must be purchased by 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the voyage for the safety of passengers.
  • Tickets can be arranged in different ways according to the nature of the passenger, the nature of the voyage, the type of ticket and discount, and sales channels and sales offices.
  • When purchasing the passenger ticket, he / she should be able to provide the information (date, time, voyage, departure station, arrival station, discount etc.) and personal information (name, surname or TC number, contact information, etc.) of his / her travel request.
  • The passenger who buys his / her ticket must check his / her ticket and make sure that it is arranged according to his wishes. After the ticket is purchased, the passenger no longer has any demand.
  • Tickets give passengers the right to travel in the designated travel class (if available). Each passenger can only occupy one seat.
  • It is the responsibility of the passenger to keep the ticket and the documents replaced. The passenger must be able to show / prove the ticket after purchasing the ticket.
  • If the passenger who travels by e-ticket cannot prove his ticket, he receives a new ticket.
  • Some tickets must be validated or validated prior to travel. Tickets without such approval or validation are not valid.
  • Passengers who lose or cannot prove their tickets for any reason can print their tickets free of charge based on the personal information they provide during the sale.

Exceptional circumstances

Ticket sales may not be made from the sales offices (tolls) of some establishments that have a posture of the train due to operation requirement. Passengers who are accepted to the appropriate train from these places must take the ticket after they have taken the train.


  • E-Ticket; It is a transport document in which the passenger can get his ticket electronically in accordance with the travel demands.
  • At the end of the sale, passengers are informed about the travel and a barcode can be printed as an “information note bilgiler and this information is confirmed by SMS. The information note can be given in ticket format from trenmatik.
  • E-Blades are sold to numbered wagons of YHT and outline trains, arranged to name, personal, not transferable.
  • The passenger must board the train with an ”information note den received from the system with a photo ID (identity card, driver's license, passport, etc.). Passengers should be able to present the information they provide during the sale at the checkpoints and trains such as ticket-PNR number, bar code, TC identification number, name and surname etc. of the E-Ticket sale.
  • E-tickets can be changed and / or returned according to certain conditions.
  • TCDD does not accept any responsibility for interruption of the transaction, failure, interruption, deletion, loss, delay of operation and communication, failure to enter, change or use of the user's computer without permission. E-ticket information is stored in the TCDD sales system and the TCDD system records are valid until it is proved otherwise.
  • The passenger who uses the e-ticket system maliciously may be banned from using the system if it is detected.
  • In case of a dispute on electronic e-tickets, the ticket must be converted to physical (material) ticket and required applications should be made.

Validity of Tickets

The passenger must have a valid ticket at the time of the ride. The validity of the tickets may vary depending on the type of voyages.

YHT, Validity of Tickets in Outline Trains

In general, on YHT and outline trains, tickets are valid on the date, time, wagon and place number sold; can not be used at any other date and time. Tickets for sales made to non-numbered wagons on YHT and outline trains are valid on the date and time specified on the ticket. In passenger controls it is sufficient to prove the ticket.

Validation of Regional Train Tickets

Regional train tickets are available on a regional, hour, day or expedition basis, depending on the journey distance. Please note that physical tickets are required for regional train travel. . Passengers who are not used within the validity period cannot claim any claim for a regional train ticket.

Regional train tickets are offered for one-way ticket on the day of departure, and the round trip ticket is valid for the day of departure, including the day of return.


Ticket fee is determined by the deduction of discounts if there is a total of travel fees and service fees determined according to the nature of the passenger and his / her travel.

The ticket price for the passenger is shown by including the reduction of the discounts and the addition of the service fees included in the price on the ticket.

Fees for passengers may not be less than the minimum transportation fee determined by TCDD. The minimum transport costs are different for each train type. Any charges resulting from the calculations are rounded to the upper 0,50 TL.
Fees for ticket sales are valid at the time of purchase of the ticket for the requested trip. Later price adjustments are not applied to the purchased ticket.

Discount Rate

Discounts on YHT and Outline Trains;

% 20 to round trip ticket holders : The same applies for round-trip trips with trains available for sale between departure and arrival stations. Our passengers can choose different trains (YHT-Outline), different positions (1 and 2.) And different wagons (bed, covered bunks, etc.).
Young people who are younger than 20: 13-26 may benefit.

Teacher% 20 : All teachers (including Principal, Deputy Principal) currently working at all grades and types of public and private schools affiliated with or approved by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education Institutions (universities, faculties, institutes, colleges, conservatories, vocational schools, practice and research centers to all teaching staff, teachers of Turkish nationality and teachers working in foreign countries,
Military passenger% 20: Officers, non-commissioned officers and military officers working in Turkish Armed Forces, military officers of Nato, specialist, extension sergeant, corporal and people (traveling with memorandum ticket)

At least 12 group of passengers% 20 : Passengers who want to travel in groups provided that they are at least 12 persons or pay a fee, regardless of their qualifications,

60% 20 passengers

Domestic and foreign Press Card holders% 20 : Domestic and foreign press card holders (Cards issued by the General Directorate of Press and Information are valid),

Employee TCDD staff, wife, retired and spouse with children TCDD% 20

65 Passengers age and older% 50 ,

Children (7-12 years old)% 50 discount is made. (Children of 0-6 age can travel for free, provided they do not require a separate room.)

* Age-based discounts (Young, 65 Age, etc.) when calculating the age of the day and the moon is taken care of, birth year is taken as the basis.

Free Shipments

Transports carried out in accordance with international agreements and laws. Passengers who are entitled to free travel to the relevant laws shall be given the travels to TC. Üzerinde FREE, written by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies on the Free Travel Cards,

  • Disabled Passengers shall indicate the status of the handicapped on the hand of the person with disability card issued by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies or by showing the original or approved copy of the delegation reports received from the Population Identity Card or the Official Hospitals.
  • Pursuant to the agreements made with foreign railway administrations, foreign railway employees may submit their permits and travel free of charge.
  • Passengers who want to benefit from these discounts and who have the necessary features must present the documents received from the relevant institution and approved by TCDD at the time of sale and at the controls. Otherwise, ”ticket on train“ provisions apply.
  • The documents required for the implementation of the discount, travels, classes, number of departures and sales rules shall be determined by TCDD unless there is a separate provision in the laws.
  • In some cases, passengers who will benefit from the free travel to be made by law are required to register in the TCDD Customer Relationship Management System or the institution they are affiliated with. If the passenger does not have a registration, he cannot benefit from the discounts.
  • For journeys to be made with statutory discounts, the right to discount covers only the travel fee. The fee for the service requested by the passenger is also collected.


  • TCDD offers the opportunity to travel with the passengers traveling on a regular basis and to organize the cards to benefit from some discounts.
  • Cards can be purchased and arranged from sales channels determined by TCDD.
    The cards are usually arranged by name and / or photograph. Some of the cards are subject to the submission of the official document.
  • In order to arrange name cards, an official document (such as identity, driver's license, passport) must be presented. During the sale of the cards, registration of the passenger to the TCDD Customer Management System is mandatory
  • The cards issued for the name are not transferable, do not give the right to travel to more than one person. Cards issued within the scope of institutional agreements provide the right to bearer conditions under validity conditions.
  • If a passenger is found to have purchased a ticket that has not been his / her own, the TCDD staff sees no warning and no return fee and the card is seized. According to the feature of the card to the passenger in this situation kart ticket on the train ”is cut off, the card holder can be prevented from using the card again. Cards that are stolen or lost for any reason are not re-arranged, no refunds are made.

Travel Cards and Subscriptions

  • Travel cards and Subscriptions are sold for use in the types of expeditions required on the courses required, providing the holder with the right to travel in validity conditions.
  • TCDD specifies the terms of sale for travel cards and subscriptions. It buys the travel card and the subscription that best suits the passenger situation.
  • Travel cards and Subscriber owners must take the number of trains traveling with the place number, taking the number. Depending on the type of subscription, there may be an additional charge on the place number requests or when booking.
    Subscription cards can be used in the same course and validity conditions in lower classes and flights.
  • If the validity rights of the card expires during the journey, the card is valid until arrival.
  • In outline trains with both numbered and non-numbered wagons in the organization, the subscriber can travel in the non-numbered wagon with the current subscription. In this case, the subscriber accepts standing travel.
  • On the same day, a round trip is granted to take part in the outline and YHT trains with the subscription card.
  • Passengers with regional train subscriptions may enter regional trains directly without any action within the validity conditions of the subscription.

Ticket Exchange

  • Replacement is the process of correcting the information related to the journey in part or in full in accordance with the request of the passenger. The transaction results in a new ticket being issued.
  • The amendment shall in principle mean the termination of the first carriage contract and the adoption of a new contract.
  • Only tickets sold to YHT and outline trains can be changed within the scope of ticket type rules. Tickets sold to regional trains cannot be changed.
  • The change processing request can be made from the toll booths to the departure station to the 15 minute before the departure, from the other sales channels (internet, mobile, call center etc.) to the 30 minutes before the departure starts from the departure station.
  • The request for a change to be made due to the fact that the train is toxic is carried out only to the station offices or the representative offices in the station.
  • Replacement procedures, deductions and reimbursement are made according to certain rules. There may be restrictive rules on the sale of tickets. Inquire whether or not they have the right to change the passenger ticket at the time of booking or sale.
  • The change in tickets is limited to three transactions. No change is made for tickets used in any way whatsoever. Tickets are not refundable.
  • Group tickets cannot be modified. The ticket is returned according to the return rules and a new ticket is issued.
  • If the new ticket price is more than the old ticket, the difference will be charged. If the new ticket price is lower than the previous ticket price, the difference will be refunded from the payment channel. If a split payment is used when buying a ticket, it can be converted into an open ticket coupon.
  • Any charges resulting from the calculations in the replacement process are rounded to the top 0,50 TL.
  • If there are changes in train arrays or times due to operational reasons, the tickets of our passengers are replaced with new ones.
  • In case the change is not possible, the first tickets of our passengers are returned and the ticket prices are returned uninterruptedly according to the payment channels. In this case, the credit card-charged ticket prices on the website, call center and mobile applications are returned to the same credit card amount. According to the credit card agreement of the person according to the credit card agreement after a certain period of time
  • Projected. Cash fees and fees paid with open tickets can be converted into a cash payment voucher and can be collected at any TCDD box office during the 180 day.
  • Tickets sold on the basis of a promotion or a promotion are replaced by a new ticket on the same terms. If this is not possible, the ticket will be returned without a refund.

Change-by-Ticket Tickets:

Only the return and return of the standard and flexible tickets that are subject to change from the purchased return tickets purchased from our system (without the use of the Departure) cannot be changed. The return ticket can be subject to change after the departure of the trip.

In the case of a change without a ticket, both departure and return must be changed at the same time.

Ticket Returns and Open Tickets

  • The return is a complete cancellation of a ticket.
  • Tickets sold only to YHT and outline trains will be refunded within the rules. Tickets sold to regional trains will not be refunded.
  • YHT trenerde tickets can only be returned as flexible ticket type.
  • Ticket refund can be made from authorized sales channels. No refund will be made if there is a restrictive provision in the sale of the ticket. When purchasing the passenger ticket, it is considered to have questioned the return rights and accepted the terms.
  • The request for a return transaction can be made up to 15 minutes before the departure of the voyage from departure station to 30 minutes before the departure from other sales channels (internet, mobile, call center etc.).
  • Return tickets for the sold train are not refunded. The return process of delayed trains is made only from TCDD station and station sales offices.
  • All tickets that cannot be used in whole or in part due to the reasons arising from TCDD and tickets for the missed transfer tickets due to delay are returned without deduction. These tickets are converted to open ticket coupons if desired.
  • In return of the tickets sold to YHT and outline trains, the passenger is requested to provide information about the ticket and identification. Upon request of return of e-tickets from TCDD sales offices, proof of identity is requested from the passenger.
  • Proofs and tickets that cannot be submitted, lost or stolen, or found to have been used previously shall not be returned.
  • In case of a refund of the discounted tickets, the discount will be refunded and refunded.
  • If only the return part is to be refunded on the return edil return ticket, the discount for the whole trip is refunded and the remaining amount is refunded by deducting the amount paid by the passenger.
  • Individual return requests are not accepted for group tickets. The refund request is made by the group manager. The refund covers all tickets in the group.
  • Open tickets may be requested by the passenger if the ticket is not

Deductions and Reimbursement

  • The deduction is made to meet the lost income due to the failure of the resale.
  • In the sale of the ticket, if there is no limiting provision regarding the return transactions, a deduction is made depending on the type and day of the trip, and the remaining price is returned to the passenger from the paid channel.
  • The return price of the tickets received by credit card is made to the credit card used.
  • In the case of sales made using mixed payment, the payment of the remaining price after the refund is made to the open ticket.
  • For the return of the group ticket of small groups, the refund price is made by the group manager and the channel paid.

Deductions for Outline and YHT Tickets;

  • Refund request,% 10 deduction is made until the day of departure
  • % 20 deduction is made when refund request is made on the day of departure
  • Regional train tickets are non-refundable.

Open ticket and use

  • If the passenger's request is changed, the tickets that can be exchanged or returned can be converted to the current OPEN TICKET for six months without the int refund deduction Yol.
  • Open tickets, YHT and Outline trains, without trains and trains, when buying tickets, the 'pay ticket' button on the screen of payment by clicking on the open ticket number can be used to replace the money by adding an open ticket number.
  • The request for a request for a clearance can be made from the ticketing station at the departure station to the 15 minute before the departure, from the other sales channels (internet, mobile, call center, etc.) to the 30 minutes before the departure starts from the departure station.
  • When open tickets are used at the time of their validity, all or part of the purchase of any ticket, the entire open ticket shall be void and
    the remaining price shall not be refunded in any way.
  • Tickets purchased with an open ticket are not entitled to change and return.
  • Amendment and Return Procedures Due to TCDD Causes
  • If the passenger's travel cannot be provided for reasons caused by TCDD or the travel cannot be continued, the restrictions on the sale of the ticket shall not be taken into account in the case of changes and / or return requests of the tickets.
  • Accordingly, uninterrupted returns and changes are the following:
  • If a cancellation is canceled, the fare for the canceled time will be refunded.
    If there is more than one ticket sale for the same place, the ticket price will be returned uninterruptedly or it will be converted into a valid open ticket coupon for all trains for six months.
  • If the passenger's travel cannot be provided in the class and location number where the ticket was purchased for a reason caused by TCDD, the situation is announced to the passenger by TCDD and a lower class travel is offered. In this case, a receipt is issued by the personnel in charge of the price difference in favor of the passenger. The passenger receives the price difference uninterrupted from any TCDD ticket sales office with this receipt.
  • If the flight arrives at the arrival station, it will be delayed by 60 minutes or more;
    If the passenger asks for a refund request by giving up the travel on the train and with the approval of the control officer, the ticket fare is reduced and the remaining fare is returned to the passenger. For this operation, a receipt to be taken from the train is paid to TCDD sales offices.
  • Upon the request of the passenger, the remaining fee may be converted into an open ticket voucher which can be used in the 180 day in the whole network as of the date of sale.
  • If the passenger's ticket is a round-trip ticket, no refund will be made for the return journey.
    If the journey is interrupted due to extraordinary situations (if the rail is closed), the distance traveled by the passenger is calculated and the remaining charge is returned continuously. If passengers continue to travel with vehicles to be provided by TCDD, wages are not refunded. On the other hand, in the event that the passenger leaves the journey during the transfer, the fee for the non-traveling part is refunded.
  • In the above claims, a petition containing the identity and contact details of the passenger is taken from the workplace (gar, station or train). The passenger who made the application must physically add the ticket to the petition.

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