Pride Day in İZDENİZ


Renewing its fleet with modern ships and rapidly increasing passenger satisfaction with its safe, reliable and environmentally friendly approach, İZDENİZ has registered its quality transportation service.

You Izdemir, TSI "Customer Satisfaction-Complaint Management", "Environmental Management System" and "Quality Management System" won the right to receive the documents, the international quality management system certification "IQ Net" taking the in the final version of a transportation service sector in Turkey the first.

İZDENİZ A.Ş., the company responsible for maritime transport of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, increased the service quality with modern and environmentalist ships it added to its fleet. While the number of those who prefer sea travel increased rapidly in the city transportation, the quality of İZDENİZ was registered with 4 document. IZDENIZ, which is entitled to receive X Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management 10002: 2014 yıl, İZ Environmental Management System 14001: 2015 X and X Quality Management System 9001: 2015 X certificates from TSE sector in Turkey "Integrated Management System" was the first and only institution entitled to pass. TSE Aegean Regional Coordinator Atilla Gündüz gave a certificate to the General Manager of İZDENİZ, Salih Aslan, at a ceremony in Bostanlı Pier.

4 × 4 quality

The average of the 50 thousand passengers per day in the inner, middle and outer bay, indicating that they carry 3 thousand vehicles between Bostanlı-Üçkuyular General Manager Salih Aslan, said they were proud of the quality of service provided by the TSE. Aslan said,, The procedures we have followed in maritime transportation have been approved and approved by TSE experts. We have documented that the services we provide are at national and international standards. We have come a long way by working together. We have constantly developed and renewed ourselves. Finally, we were entitled to the 4 document. Sonunda

While providing transportation services in the Gulf, 'Clean Environment, Clean Sea' principle of the Lion who voiced their eyes continued as follows: es We divide solid wastes and give to authorized organizations. We transfer domestic wastes to İZSU's network. We completely prevent our wastes from getting into the nature by handing the bilge wastes of our ships to authorized waste collection institutions in İzmir Port. Due to this approach which is sensitive to environmental protection, we have been granted environmental management certificate. We conducted a passenger satisfaction survey in cooperation with Dokuz Eylül University. A satisfaction rate of 87 percent occurred. But our goal is much higher. Because quality is to make a difference. Our goal is to make the highest satisfaction, to make a difference in service by considering the expectations and requirements of our passengers. By responding to passenger complaints immediately, we also implemented the safety management system in our ships and switched to an integrated management system. In order to get occupational health and safety and energy management system documentation, we have to take Sırada

There is also a Red Flag in İZDENİZ

With the investments of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Aslan pointed out that all passenger and car ferries were renewed and that the ships and piers were suitable for the use of disabled passengers, and that they were proud of having a red flag with an 3 star given by Engelsizİzmir. TSE Aegean Region Coordinator Atilla Gündüz congratulated İZDENİZ and wished continued success. TSE Aegean Regional Certification Manager Ahmet Namlı, İZDENİZ Board of Directors members Yusuf Değerli and Aydın Güzhan, TSE chief auditors and İZDENİZ employees attended the ceremony.

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