Nexans Starts Performance Seminars on CPR and LAN Cables

Nexans CPE and LAN cable in Performance Workshops to Begin: Nexans Turkey, the country has entered into force for the cables on 10 June 2016 "CPR (Regulation for Construction Materials)" and "performance in the LAN Cable" free seminar program prepared to address the issues of Istanbul, Izmir and begins in Ankara city.

In our country, under the CPR (Construction Products Regulation), which came into effect for cables on 10 June 2016, the transition period for which both existing cables and CPR compliant cables are legally available and can be used together ends at 1 July 2017 and as of this date is CPR compliant. the use of cables is imperative. In the first part of the seminar program, which will be organized by Nexans, the scope of the Yönet Construction Materials Regulation ı will be discussed in detail and the questions from the participants will be answered.

In the second chapter, the topic of ular Performance in LAN Cables l will focus on the latest situation in the LAN cables market, the right LAN cable selection and the problems in implementation.

Turkey Nexans Nexans Marketing Manager Ayhan Güngör and Technical Manager Kamil Happy Turkey will be held with the presentation program, 12 May in Istanbul, Izmir and 16 May 24 take place in Ankara in May.

Location / time information:
12 May 2017, Time: 14: 00-16: 30, Location: Workinton Levent 199, Levent / Istanbul
16 May 2017, Time: 14: 00-16: 30, Venue: MMO Tepekule Congress Center, Bayraklı/Izmir
24 May 2017, Time: 14: 00-16: 30, Location: Workinton Next Level, Çankaya / Ankara

14: 00 - 15: 00 CPR (Building Materials Regulation) Seminar
15: 00 - 15: 20 Coffee Break
15: 20 - 16: Performance Seminar on 20 LAN Cables

For details and registration: is

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