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New York is one of the top tourist cities of America and the world. The New York subway facilitates transportation for the people of New York as well as for tourists. So, when did the New York Metro open, how did it come to its present? The answer to these questions comes from New York correspondent Aslı Pelit.

The New York metro, opened in 1904, is one of the oldest public transport systems in the world. The New York Metro is one of the most used systems in the world, as well as the system with the most stations. New York's subway, known as 'the city that never sleeps', does not sleep. The 24 is open every day of the year. Polly Desjarlais, Transit Museum Education Officer says:

Dı The world's first subway was built in London. They started at 1868 to put the subway systems in place. This was actually good for New York because all the technical problems were solved when we started construction of the subway here. But New York had understood that the subway had to be built long before it was built. Businessmen, politicians, they all agreed that New York needs a subway. The city was full of thousands of immigrants who came in every day, and the streets were not walking, almost in a chaos. Newcomers were living in buildings in the center of the city, and somehow a new and practical transportation system was required in the city. Yeni

Although the politicians and businessmen pressured the subway to build, the 1888, which eventually ensured the subway train, was freezing the northeast of America and causing a thousand people to die. After the plans approved in 200, the digging was discarded at 1894. The first metro line started to serve at 1900 October 27. The New York municipality has built all the tunnels and subway lines and then handed it over to private companies. In those days the cost of boarding the metro was at 1904 cents, only two metro lines were working. These lines belonged to private companies, and only the IRT or Interborough Rapid Transit and BMT, namely Brooklyn Manhattan Transit Company, was serving the entire city.

From the year of 1953, the subway system collected under the roof of MTA started to be operated by the City of New York. By the 60 years, New York entered a difficult time and the 1970 had a crash. In this period, the subway turned into a film set that the gangs fought and covered with dangerous and graffiti.

Desjarlais said, Brooklyn This is the train R30, so this train was in service in Brooklyn. When I think of this train, the first thing that comes to my mind is Saturday Night Fever. But in this film, the train was covered with graffiti. So that the passengers could not see the outside of the glass. Not only the windows, but also the ceilings and seats were covered with graphite. The film also includes French Connection, The Taking of Pelham 123, and of course The Warriors. This was the train of that gang, and they would ride over to Coney Island to fight. Bu

The graffiti period of the New York subway ended at the end of the 90s. The municipality hired hundreds of cleaners and security guards to fight graffiti. Graffiti artists couldn't stand to wipe them off without seeing anyone doing their jobs. But the New York subway didn't move away from being a big picture that artists always exhibited. In the past, the artists who adorned the trains continue to turn the metro into a museum with the works they have made in the stations in recent years.

Desjarlais,, 2. It is not a new plan to spend a subway under the street. First it was decided to be done in 1920s, but this plan was shelved because of the economic crisis that the country had entered. After the crisis the Second World War came, the plans were frozen again. But after the war in New York again 2. He rolled up the sleeves for the street subway station, but that didn't work out, except for the million-dollar train and a few tunnels. Cadde

Coins collected for 2.Tarem subway 1960'i years spent on the correction of other lines could not be completed. New York's economic problems continue until the 90'li years, this line has been forgotten. However, in the middle of the 2000, the construction of the line started again, and the first three stops were opened to the public at 31 December 2016. After a long wait, New York City Council, New York City Council, Chuck Close, Sarah Sze, Vik Muniz and Jean Shin decided to decorate the new stations.

A worker who works in the construction of the 2.Cadde subway says: işçi It was a very difficult time. We worked hard, we had challenges. One thing caught my attention, all the neighbors hated us because we've been here for years and we've turned the streets into chaos, and the pavements and streets that are closed are pretty hard. Bir

New York is a city without a metro. There is no other city in America where public transport is so important. New York subway, with its musicians, artists, mice and hundreds of different metro stations.

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