Great Transportation to Public Transportation in Antalya!

Antalya Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has increased the public transportation to around 25.

The raise after the public transportation hike last year saw a great reaction from the public. 7 2,10 TL to 2,60 TL from May. Student card boarding fees will be increased from 1,35 TL to 1,60 TL.

A description of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality;

In our city, we continue to work continuously to improve and improve the public transportation system in line with the needs of our people.

By stopping the application of midibus in the city, all transportation is carried out with 12 meters, newer, more comfortable and safer unimpeded buses. Our rail system offers Aksu and EXPO from Fatih station to the airport and on the other hand offers the most economical service in our country. In addition, we are developing our transportation network day by day in line with the needs and demands of our people. These works will continue uninterruptedly.

In addition to this, due to the increase in fuel prices and the high demands from the transportation companies, a tariff change in public transportation fees has become inevitable. The price tariff change in public transport was last made in April at the latest 2016. After that, fuel prices increased by 30 on average and parallel to this, tire, spare parts and other vehicle-related expenses increased at the same rate. For this reason, the Chamber of Buses and the demand of the tradesmen of the trades have been in question. Our tradesmen said that he was having trouble with this price policy and that he had trouble getting the bread to his house.

The interests of our people are our top priority. While taking this into consideration, it has been meticulously studied and the new tariff has been determined and the balances between the economy of our people and the state of the public transport trades have been made. Thus, the rate of increase is tried to be kept below 25.

According to this, 07.05.2017.-TL will be 2.60.-TL for our buses, 1.60.-TL will be discounted for 2.00. 2.00-TL, 1.25.-TL and 1.60-TL discount will be applied in our trams. The first and second transfers after the first ride will continue to be the same as the previous 1.00.-TL. Two boarding tickets will be sold at 6.50.-TL and four tickets will be sold from 12.00.-TL.

For this reason, it is necessary to make this explanation in terms of informing our tradesmen and the public.


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