International Symposium on Literature

International Symposium on Literature on the Train: Started by the Association of the Institute of Textology, Turgutlu District Governorship and supported by Turgutlu Municipality, TCDD 3. With the contributions of Regional Directorate and Celal Bayar University, 'Train in International Literature, Literature on Train' Symposium started in Turgutlu's historical railway station.

Turgutlu Train Station, the opening ceremony of the symposium Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Yüksel Coşkunyürek, AK Party Manisa Deputy Selcuk Ozdag, Turgutlu Governor Ugur Turan, Ahmetli Governor Muhammet Emre Canpolat, Turgutlu Mayor Turgay Sirin, Ahmetli Mayor Ahmet Alhan, TCDD 3. Regional Director Selim Koçbay, President of the Institute of Linguistics Assoc. Dr. Umral Deveci, political party representatives, school principals, teachers and many citizens attended. The opening speech was delivered by the President of the Institute of Turkish Studies. Assoc. Dr. Deveci performed. Deveci said that such an organization was organized for the first time in the world. Turgay Şirin, Mayor of Turgutlu said that they had the excitement and happiness of being together at the opening of a meaningful program and said ay We know and realize that; art is one of the most important life links of societies. This life bond today is being strengthened by concepts such as train and railway which are in use in our daily lives. The train is reflected in literature. The reflections of life on the art itself become the train journey from the language of the experts. There are two really important issues here. The first is rail; As it will be known, the Kasaba-Izmir Railway Line is one of the first routes of the Ottoman Empire to operate in Anatolia and thanks to this line, it is clear that both production and trade increase in Turgutlu and that their economic gains are even higher. we can put forward. 19 When we think about the world of the century, it can be realized how much more a transportation system can be realized which is much faster and much more load can be transported from place to place. On the other hand, every aspect of art, one way or another, will be the reflection or idealization of everyday life. The subject of our symposium, yes, is the train and railroad, but ultimately we think that the origin of them is a dreamy journey, we don't think we were wrong. Therefore, we will trace the railroad, the train, the road, the passenger and the journey in a line that goes from Sait Faik to Behçet Necatigil, today's master storyteller Mustafa Kutlu to Oğuz Atay and even Tatar Hajj Hallas for three days. In fact, as you can see in the symposium program, the second day of this issue will be transferred during the journey. Turkish literature meets with new writers every day with innovations. It is also a gratifying development that the Turkologist and academician touched on the living side of literature. In this sense, it is my hope that our precious teachers know the current literature as well as the literature. As I have stated many times before, local governments are also interested in culture and art as well as the known physical and superstructure studies; I believe that they should take a leading role in these matters. With these thoughts, I wish the symposium to be successful. Mr. Uğur Turan, the Governor of Manisa, and our Honorary Honorary Professor, Prof. Dr., have been supported by the Governor of Manisa. Dr. State Railways which mobilized their possibilities in this journey that will depart from Turgutlum to Namık Açıkgöz 3. Selim Koçbay, Regional Manager and Precious Region Manager, and Assist. Assoc. Dr. I would like to thank Umral Deveci Üm. Then the Governor of Turgutlu Uğur Turan said, luy We are happy, proud, we live in one of the most beautiful moments of our lives. Turkey first of its kind in the world and I thank those who contributed in organizing this symposium, "he said. Yüksel Coşkunyürek, Deputy Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said, orum I would like to thank those who contributed to this event. I would also like to thank those who supported the idea of ​​combining literature with a train at a historical railway station. When we say train, we come to our minds of human transportation, freight transport income, transportation income. But until that time, literature had not come into our minds in the train. For him, this is a first. Literature is our culture, our tradition, our traditions and customs. It is a science that tells us to future generations. It's a good feeling to bring literature and train together. In this way, it is a very important emotion to bring the train together with a beauty, where there is art, aesthetics, beauty, not only in the memory as a land train.

Turgutlu-Izmir Expedition to Host the Session

After the speeches, the group gave a mini-concert composed of folk songs, which were the subject train. The performance of the group Mecaz was appreciated, and the audience received great applause. Academic section of the symposium Dr. It ended with the presentation of Namık Açıkgöz. The Saturday program of the symposium will take place between Turgutlu and Izmir. On the last day of the symposium, it will end with sessions and interviews that will be attended by academicians in Turgutlu railway station.

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