Japan's ultra-luxury train Shiki-shima made its first trip

Japan's ultra-luxury train called Shiki-shima made its first trip: Shiki-shima, the passenger train, which started its flights on May 1 in Japan, was blown away with ticket prices of up to $ 10.

The suite train in Japan is designed to give Shiki-shima passengers the ultimate luxury experience. Train tickets range from $ 2 to $ 800. It is possible to take two or four day trips by train.

According to the BBC Turkish news, Shiki-shima made his first trip on May 1. It was announced that the best materials and traditional Japanese craftsmanship were used in the train designed by Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama.

From Tokyo to Hokkaido
It is possible to watch the rural areas of Japan in the modern observation wagon of the train. The train runs from Tokyo to the northernmost island of Hokkaido.

34 Journey Luxury Train
The train only carries 34 passengers and it is possible to see the perfect view from each seat. When tired, you can relax in these rooms. One or three nights can stay in the sleeper compartments of the train.

76 solid demand of capacity
Plans for the train were announced by 2014 in East Japan Railway company. There is an intense demand to travel by train. On the first day of the train journey, 76's solid demand for the draw took place.

No tickets for a while
The demand for luxury and futuristic hotel on the tracks is quite high. Tickets for the 10-car train were sold until March 2018.

Foods from the Michelin team
The train's restaurant car. Meals are prepared by Michelin star chefs and offered by uniformed waiters. Every service on the train aims to provide a luxurious hotel experience. Those who think they don't know what rich people are doing with their money may have responded with features on this train.

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