Izmir Energy Sector Astor Transformed with Transformer

Izmir Energy Sector Astor Met With Transformers: distribution transformers with the first xnumx't production capacity ranks first in domestic production of ASTA World Inc. in Turkey. It continues to announce the success of our country through the Regional Promotion Meetings. Astor having 5 percent of Turkey's market, 60 our country by exporting to countries around the world demonstrates the difference in the giants. Continuing the regional promotion meetings without any break, ASTOR Transformer came together with businessmen, investors and press members from Izmir. In the meeting, which was attended by many companies from the energy sector in İzmir, the authorities emphasized the importance of İzmir in the energy potential and underlined that all kinds of cooperation will contribute to the energy sector de

With the R & D Center and 55 TÜBİTAK project, which exports approximately 16 of its production, the company demonstrates the success of the Turkish engineer. Astor 2017, which has a wide production range, will increase its production volume with the new factory investment of 50 million dollars.


Astor Transformatör AŞ Corporate Director Alişan Taştan: Kurumsal The world's highest quality materials are produced. We are in close relationship with universities. We work with universities. All this is done for our country. Every transformer produced is the national value of our country. Certainly, we work hard with all our team to achieve perfect results without making mistakes. Our main goal is to produce the best quality transformer at the cheapest. We have very strong and experienced field teams. We have the opportunity and the equipment to intervene in the latest 12 hours, even the smallest problem. The most important turbine manufacturers and the most important energy companies in the world provide their transformers. Every day our customer potential is increasing worldwide. We are getting even greater rates lar.

Astor Transformer AŞ Power Transformers Domestic Sales Manager Hakan Şimşek: “We produce 2 thousand monthly and 20 thousand power transformers annually. Malaysia is among our biggest productions abroad. Team is very important in our industry. Invest as much as you want, if you don't have a good human resource, it's useless. That's why we trust our team and we want you to trust us too. Abroad is very important. It is one of our greatest goals to represent Astor's name in the best possible way. Since 2016, 150 power transformers have been produced in Turkey and abroad. We have all the quality certificates. We want to use the best products in manufacturing. Compromising on quality is the last thing we want. Kazan We use the robot system for the best and trouble-free sources. kazanwe are producing. The point we have come to is to use this technology and to manage the purchasing process well.”

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