IZBAN railway overpass without endless harassment

Endless İZBAN harassed the citizen of the railway overpass: 22 2016 20 2017 XNUMX continued to work since the end of the Martyr Lieutenant Serdar Genç overpass is still not finished. Residents of the district are waiting for an explanation from the relevant authorities.

Work on the overpass that will connect the Cumhuriyet District of Torbalı District of Izmir and Ertuğrul District started on December 22, 2016. Although the completion date of the project of 2 million 788 thousand 407 liras was announced as May 20, 2017, the fact that the works have not been completed yet caused the people of the district to react.

Burak Aktas from Torbalı Ege newspaperAccording to the report of İZBAN, the level crossing connecting Ertuğrul Mahallesi and Cumhuriyet Mahallesi was closed for about 3 years after the opening of the İZBAN line, and pedestrian and vehicle traffic between the two neighborhoods was broken.

In the overpass project, it is observed that elevators are not installed with ladders between the stairs and the elevators are not installed and the residents of the district stated that they expect clarification from the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality or the contractor company.

For the 3, Torbalı people are waiting for a project to be carried out at least for the pedestrians. Residents of the district said, iyor We do not know why this project does not end. There may be some mishaps, but we ask them to comply with the dates given by the authorities. Bazı

Mithatpaşa Street and Doğan Bursalıoğlu Street that connects the overpass connects the residents stating that the district residents, sakin the pedestrian overpass on the road to the hospital is a congestion. For this reason, people have problems to cross the street. This problem is doubled when one of the people in Cumhuriyet Quarter falls into a job in Ertuğrul Neighborhood. We ask the authorities to hurry up a little bit more. In

Source: torbaliege.net

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