Sports Wind in Istanbul Metro

Sports Wind in the Istanbul Metro: Metro Istanbul and Spor Istanbul, one of the companies of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, underwent the 19 May Youth and Sports Day. Citizens engaged in various sports activities created colorful images in Istanbul Metro.

Speaking at the opening of the event Metro Manager Gene Kutlu Kutlu, President Kadir Topbas'ın under the underground they want to make a sports field for Istanbulites said: Top We do not want to be known as underground Istanbul consists of underground tunnels. With the 19 daily event we organized under the 4 May Youth and Sports Day, we want to show that people can do a lot of sports while traveling X.

In particular, the future of our country's children and young people who want to direct the sports expressed Kasım Kutlu, in this context, some sports stations that can be done in the service of Istanbulluların said that they offer. Kutlu underlined the fact that people have become less sporting with the development of technology and they want to make this kind of sport activities in Metro Istanbul continuously. Kutlu, at certain times of the day escalators and lifts for the elderly and disabled, citizens will encourage the walking, he added.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality under the ground with metro investments, as well as a life occurred under the ground that stating that Sports Istanbul General Manager Ismail Ozbayraktar metro passengers who want to create awareness about the sport should be in every area of ​​life, he said.

Kasım Kutlu and İsmail Özbayraktar, then started the event with the citizens and played mini golf with the children. Kutlu and Özbayraktar, who made far east sports and aerobics, created colorful images in Istanbul Metro.

Within the scope of the event, which was prepared at Yenikapı Metro Station, the heart of the sport started to take place in the subway with the expert sports teachers of Spor İstanbul. Metro passengers Streching, Aerobic, Mini Golf and Far East Sports was watched with appreciation. According to the results of the measurement carried out by the expert sports instructors at the oil measurement station, appropriate sports activities were recommended for the participants. Participants in sports activities were also given a certificate of participation in the memory of the events.

On the other hand, the ground labeling of various visuals and messages on the ground and stair pedestals was launched for the first time in order to encourage more mobility at the Yenikapı Metro station by Metro İstanbul. Recently, this application is aimed at all metro stations. ! Sports and the athletes friendly subway! Üne, ”Sports today! Kat, e Take action for your health! Lı,” Take your day! Ün, ”Let's get athletes like this! Un,“ Be quick, fit! ”, Teşvik Let's wear the weight, walk friends! La, lı Close to the summit on the way to health!” Passengers are encouraged to have more mobility.

The event program which will be held in Yenikapı Metro Station and will last for 4 is as follows;

18-21 MAY 2017 Morning Program

10: 00-10: 30 Breath and Streching
10: 30-11: 00 Aerobic Motion
11: 00-11: 30 Breath and Streching
12: 30: 13: 00 Aerobic Motion
Afternoon Program
14: 00-14: 30 Breath and Streching
14: 30 -15: 00 Aerobic Motion
15: 00-16: 00 Far East Sports Shows
16: 00 -16: 30 Breath and Streching
16: 30 -17: 00 Aerobic Motion
All Day Program
10: 00 -17: 00 Mini Golf
10: 00 -17: 00 Mobile Sport

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