New Marmaray Timetables and Fees

marmaray expedition times
marmaray expedition times

Here are the new Marmaray Times Hours and Fees: Istanbul's daily cruises and frequencies are changing in Marmaray, which carries millions of passengers every day.

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that due to the works carried out by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) within the scope of Marmaray Project for approximately 17 months, the frequency of the train travels is made by 10 minutes.

16 2015 28 launched by the AYGM, the 2 successful completion of April, indicating that the Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan, Marmaray 333 XNUMX announced that it will be removed from May.


Information about the operation of Marmaray weekdays and week-end Ahmet Arslan Transport Minister, weekday will perform the 333 train expedition, the busiest days of the day, 07.00-10.00 and 16.00-20.00 slices of the trains of marmaray 5 announced that the interim voyages.

Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan, 10.00 16.00 minutes between the 7-06.00-07.00-20.00: 23 hours and 10-10 minutes between 23.10-24.00 and 15-20 minutes between the XNUMX-XNUMX minutes, the train will be scheduled at intervals.


Transport and transportation services will be held in Marmaris 10 217 minute intervals, explaining the transportation Minister Ahmet Arslan, Ayrılık Çeşmesi-Kazlıçeşme serving demand between Marmaray reported that increasing every day.


Transportation Minister Ahmet Arslan, since the opening of Marmaray, 200 million passengers carry the attention, attracting attention, açıl other parts of the project in the construction work continues at a rapid pace. 2018 will start to serve in Gebze-Halkalı line. X

According to the information on the website of Marmaray 31.01.2016 valid fees as follows;

TCDD Corporate single pass ticket 4,00 TL
TCDD Corporate three-pass ticket 10,00 TL
TCDD Monthly Subscription (Full) 85,00 TL
TCDD Monthly Subscription (until 27 age) (Young) 60,00 TL
İstanbulkart First Pass (Full) 2,30 TL
İstanbulkart First Pass (Student) 1,15 TL

Transfer charges:
Transfer charges (Full) 1. Transfer 1,75 TL
2. Transfer 1,60 TL
3-4-5. Transfer 1,40 TL
Transfer fees (Student) 1. Transfer 0,50
2. Transfer 0,45 TL
3-4-5. Transfer 0,40 TL
Disabled, 65 Age and up Free
Marmaray baggage fee single pass ticket price 4,00 TL

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