Intertraffic Istanbul, 24 Opens in Istanbul on May

Intertraffic Istanbul, 24 Opens in Istanbul on May

Intertraffic Istanbul, bringing together the Turkish transportation sector for 18 years, is now open to visitors at 24-26 May 2017 in Istanbul Expo Center. Reconstruction Transport and Tourism Commission SözcüSu, Erzurum Member of Parliament and Intertraffic Istanbul Science Board President Prof.Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, General Director of Highways İsmail Kartal and IMB Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı will be inaugurated by Intertraffic Istanbul, with more than 30 participants from 200 countries and 90 from more than 6.000 countries.

The biggest problem of people living in cities today is undisputed 'traffic'. According to data from the Ministry of Transport, the daily mobility of traffic in Istanbul is expected to reach around 28,5 million and the 40-50 million daily activity in the future. Especially metropolitan municipalities across Turkey invests in intelligent transport systems in order to manage this large population and transportation. The solutions that rationalize the cities are used mostly in the transportation area with a percentage of 94.

Intertraffic Istanbul, 90 from more than 6.000 to be waiting for more than raf

With the international brand of the transportation sector, Intertraffic, Organizer Rai Amsterdam and UBM NTSR, 18 has been bringing Turkish transportation sector under the roof of Intertraffic Istanbul for years. This year, 24-26 will be opened at Istanbul Expo Center between May and 2017 In Intertraffic Istanbul, while 30 participates in 200, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia and Turkic Republics more than 90 countries such as 6.000 is expected to visitors.

Intertraffic in Istanbul, where the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie, Special Administrations, Municipalities, Contractors, Project and Consultancy Firms and all manufacturers operating in the field of transportation will be both a participant and visitor profile. the latest products, services and projects developed on transportation systems, traffic safety, traffic management and planning, parking systems, transportation infrastructure systems will be introduced.

'Intertraffic Istanbul Awards' to be presented to their owners

Intertraffic Istanbul 'Intertraffic Istanbul Awards', which has been organized since 6 years, will be presented to the owners with a ceremony to be held on the first day. The competition was organized in four different categories: Park Systems, Municipal Applications, Intelligent Transportation and General.

Intertraffic Istanbul offers a comprehensive conference and workshop program.

24 In the afternoon of May, the future of intelligent transportation systems will be discussed. AUSDER President Erol Yanar, ”Presentation of AUS Index Study,, METU Faculty Member Assoc. Gift Tüydeş esi AUS Index Applications in the World End, Mustafa Eruyar from ISBAK ler The State of the AUS Index in the Smart Cities Index US, Prof. Dr. Orhan B.Alankuş “General Framework of the AUS Index Project de will be held. Carlo vd Weijer, Director of Intelligent Transportation in the Strategic Regions of Eindhoven Technical University, will gather the attention with the presentation of the future of transportation, ise Smart Transportation, the Future of Transportation E. Kalle Toivonen, Project Director for Smart Transport of Helsinki Municipality (Finland), will be among the important speakers in this section.

ITS Korea and AUSDER Intertraffic will sign a Memorandum of Understanding in Istanbul I

Intertraffic Istanbul, many in the transport sector in Turkey with Korean giant projects under the signature of the bilateral talks between the Turkish government will be hosted. Korea's leading institutions and ITS Companies, General Directorate of Highways (Korea), Novacos, Metabuild, Moru Industrial, Tracom, S-traffic, LG CNS, SK C & C and POSCO ICT, Intertraffic Istanbul will perform meetings with companies. Also, 25 Ausdem on the exhibition area in May and ITS will be held at Intertraffic Hall by the Korean Delegation to Turkey & Korea Session, Ausdem President Erol Yanar's "Interoperability and Ausdem the Importance of Platform" will begin with a speech titled. South Korean Ministry of Transport ITS & Road Safety from President Lee Sang Heyo, "the South Korean Experience Role aus'm in the Light" nude recounting Ministry of Transport, Communications Director General of Ansar Sword, "aus Basic Strategies for the Future in Turkey," I will offer. Turkey & Korea Session, to be held in the White Room ITS Ausdem Korea and will end with the Memorandum of Agreement Signing Ceremony.

International Highway Federation (IRF) will conduct Workshop Works in Intertraffic Istanbul Federasyon

The International Highway Federation (IRF) will perform 4 workshops at the exhibition area at the Orange Room under the Intertraffic Istanbul events. 24 will be held in May, under the main headings of ”Successful Implementation of Automatic Speed ​​Programs, and arı Smart Solutions for Secure Transport X. Mustafa Speed ​​as a Risk Factor) (Brendan Halleman, Vice President of Europe and Central Asia, IRF), Faktör Speed ​​Management Programs in Istanbul asında (Mustafa Sünnetçi, İBB Tra ın k, İstanbul Büyük ehir) The municipality will focus on, Recent Practices on Application Technologies ș (David Montgomery, Global Sales Manager - Application Solutions, Siemens) and Siemens Applications in PPPs - (Philip Wijers, Director of State Regions, Sensys Gatso Group). In his second workshop titled A Intelligent Solutions for Safe Transportation ja, & Cities are More Secure with Design “(Tolga İmamoğlu, Road Safety Project Manager, WRI / Embarq), ler Security & Tra Control in Intelligent Transportation asında (Sonal Ahuja, Director of MENA Region, PTV and ları Case study: Introducing New Technologies for the Detection of Highway Tra ab Cases pit (Jae-Hyoung Park, Metabuild).

25 IRF Workshop will be held in the morning and afternoon on May and will be on eden Introduction to Intelligent Transportation Systems F and eden Releasing Vehicle Path Analytics X. The subtitles of the workshop are ü Big Data Entry Et (Dr. William Sowell, President EDI, IRF Committee Chairman - ITS), IR Trauma Congestion Measurement and Effects ”(Carlos Roman, Public Sector Director, INRIX) and m Network The intervention will be CBS) (Vincent Lecamus, CEO, Immergis) for Priority.

24 May will be held in the Blue Room by TEKDEN This material, work in parallel with the workshops will be held in the afternoon, "Information Technology Leads in the automotive industry Where?" Turkey's potential to produce autonomous vehicles in a panel titled Prof. Dr. Moderated by Metin Silver. Dr. Ahmet Donation "Impact on Public Transportation of communication Communication Technology", Orhan Ünverdi "Turkey's Hybrid and Electric Generating Potential of Public Transportation" and Dr. Abdullah Demi will talk about the gel local vehicle production from the past to the future Abdullah.

Date: 24 May 2017, Wednesday

Location: İstanbul Expo Center - Yeşilköy

Time: 11: 00 - 13: 00


11: 00-11: 45 Opening Ceremony

Sn.Serkan Tığlıoğlu | UBM EMEA (Istanbul) Chairman of the Board of Directors

Sn.Bas Dalm | RAI Amsterdam CEO

Sn.Dr.Hayri Baraçlı | IMM Secretary General

Mr.Enver Yılmaz | Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality

General Manager of Highways

Mr.Ahmet Arslan | Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications

12: 30-13: 00 'Intertraffic Istanbul Awards'

Park Systems Category Award

Smart Smart Transportation Category Award

Category Award

General Category Award

'Intertraffic Istanbul Awards' Collective Photographing

13: 00-13: Presentation of the 15 Plaque

13: 15-13: 30 Batch Photo Shoot

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