Important Development in Düldül Mountain Cable Car Project

Significant Development of the Düldül Mountain Ropeway Project: Member of the Presidency of the Parliament and Member of the AK Party Osmaniye Mücahit Durmuşoğlu stated that the most important threshold for the ski lift, the promenade area and the planned ski center in Duzul Mountain summit in the Osmaniye city of Düziçi was exceeded.

Osmaniye deputy Mucahit Durmusoglu stated that the happy end was approaching the long term studies and the signing of the said area for the 29 yearbook to Düziçi Municipality within the scope of the recreation areas regulation was signed by the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu announced that he was taken away as of yesterday.

Düziçi will become a very important center of attraction with the ski lifts, promenade area and the planned ski resort. He said it would be a chimney factory.

Düziçi Mayor Ökkeş Namlı said in his statement: haline With the completion of the project, Düldül Mountain, which will become one of the most important tourism points of the region, will be remembered not with terror, but with tourism, entertainment and happy memories. If there is no setback, we will complete the project by completing the 1,5-2 within the year and we will make Düldül Mountain Çukurova's Uludağı çık.

With the project, which will be implemented by Osmaniye's Düziçi Municipality and the allocation of the appropriation will be made, the cable car and the promenade will be made at the Düldül Mountain in Amanoslar. 2 200 90 thousand meters from the center of the mountain to the top of the mountain to be installed in the cable car system 6 each person can take. The system will be about 400 kilometers long. Visitors to the summit will be able to visit the promenade area created within the same project.

Düldül Mountain is planned for the construction of a ski resort as well as the promenade area. The northern slope of Düldül Mountain is under the snow in 10 moon. The 4-5 bear is constantly going through snow. This 4-5 finds the 1,5 meter at a time of snow thickness. The slope is very good. After construction of the promenade area, feasibility studies are underway to establish a ski resort in this region.