Tender Announcement: Railways will be purchased

Railways Rail will be purchased
General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD)

E2.760 49 1 and 12.240 ton ton ton 60 1 E15.000 total supply rail including reception will be awarded by open procedure No. 4734 19 Article according to the public procurement law. Detailed Information about the auction can be found down below:
Tender Registration Number: 2017 / 198382
1 of Administration
a) Address: TCDD OPERATION GENERAL DIRECTORATE Anafartalar Mah. Hipodrom Cad. No: 3 06330 ALTINDAĞ / ANKARA
b) Telephone and fax number: 312 309 05 15 / 4409-4139 - 312 311 53 05
c) E-mail Address: fumar@tcdd.gov.tr
ç) The internet address of the tender document (if any): https://ekap.kik.gov.tr/EKAP/

2-The subject of the tender
a) Quality, type and quantity:
2.760 tone 49 E1 and 12.240 tone 60 E1 total 15.000 tone rail supply
Detailed information can be obtained from the administrative specification contained in the tender document in EKAP.
b) Delivery locations: The rails will be delivered on the wagon at the following stations. 1- 9.000 tons of 60 E1 rails for Balıkesir-Bandırma Stations at Balıkesir Station, 2- 2.640 tons of 60 E1 rails for Yolçatı-Mining Stations in Yolçatı Station, 3- 600 tons of 60 E1 rails for Ulukışla-Çiftehan Stations. 4- 5- Zone 45 km station pose for 1.500 tons 49 E1 rail Yolçatı Station, 5- ÇAMAF (Çankırı Scissors Factory) for scissors production 1.260 tons 49 E1 rail in Çankırı Station
c) Delivery dates: Following the signing of the contract, the factory acceptance in batches will be as follows. 1st Lot 7.500 tons 60 E1 rails: 30 calendar days 2nd Lot 4.740 tons 60 E1 rails and 2.760 tons 49 E1 rails: 30 calendar days In case of partial offer, 0st party, 7.500-1 tons rails for 7.500 - 15.000 tons rails 2nd party delivery conditions will apply. For each batch, station delivery will be made within 45 days from the factory acceptance. For foreign tenderers, inspection and acceptance procedures will be carried out at the relevant Port. Customs procedures in foreign bidders: (Excluding VAT) All costs, including customs tax, taxes, pictures, fees, and if any, Resource Utilization Support Fund (RUSF), ordino and warehouse expenses will be given by the Administration at the relevant Customs Directorate in return for the goods. Based on the authorization certificate, it will be delivered to the stations with the final delivery place after the customs clearance procedures determined by the Contractor will be determined.

3- Tender
a) Location: TCDD General Directorate of Purchasing and Inventory Control Department Meeting Hall 3. Floor (room 4052)
b) Date and time: 22.06.2017 - 14: 30


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