Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Cankesen in Sivas

Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Cankesen Sivas: Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Can Cankesen and his entourage visit to Sivas TCDD, TUDEMSAS, Transportation Regional Directorate, the AK Party Provincial Directorate and Education visited A-You.

Can Cankesen, Chairman of the Transport Officer-Sen, Vice President Kenan Çalışkan visited Sivas. Cankesen'a Sivas visit, Transport Officer-Sen Sivas Branch Chairman Ömer Vatankulu branch board members and workplace representatives were accompanied.

Transport Officer-Sen Chairman Can Cankesen and his entourage visited the TCDD, TÜDEMSAŞ, Transportation Regional Directorate, AK Party Provincial Directorate and Eğitim Bir-Seni during their visit to Sivas.

Speaking at the meetings held, General President Can Cankesen, Transport Officer-You have great responsibilities. We must all be aware of this responsibility. Cankesen also talked about the coup attempt and terrorist incidents in the country en Cuntes of the bloody initiative, the nation 'stop' and the race to give up without terminating the purpose of emphasizing that the nation entrusted to her nation, putting the arms on the nation that distorts the setting, the nation has reported its limitations. Those who have fallen to the head of this country have seen the greatest reaction. The bloody terrorist organization will pay the account of the development it has made against the national will. We have good brothers and sisters who put their chest in the coup. Parallel to the terrorist organization, the outside supported bloody coup attempted the nation. Thank you Turkey, "he said.

Cankesen continued as follows, it is obvious that the polarization will not benefit anyone. It seems that we will continue our way without being despaired with determination and determination. We will establish a climate of brotherhood by expressing that we are one and together with the promise of force from unity without any othering.

Cankesen, who gave information about the acquisitions obtained during the collective bargaining process, said that the process was evaluated in the best way and that the gains received would increase with each passing year. Although we have achieved many acquisitions in the transport service arm, some circles are trying to create a negative perception by ignoring them. We need to eliminate this negative perception by explaining the gains, he said.

Cankesen, who took information about the problems experienced in working life, had mutual consultations with our members and employees about the solution.

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  1. sn cankesen, employees' problems and solutions to the regional manager should have written in writing. The regional director of the request does not show interest or transfer to the superiors will be asking for the civil account of the employees.