Items forgotten in public transport in Kocaeli are waiting for their owners

Items that are forgotten in public transportation vehicles in Kocaeli are waiting for their owners: Items that are forgotten or lost at points such as public transportation vehicles, promenade areas of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality are kept in safe hands until their owners arrive. Citizens who have forgotten or lost their belongings can apply to the Police Department within the fair and get them back.


The lost items recorded in the Metropolitan Municipal Police Department can be interrogated by the Alo Zhashia 153 and 331 65 89. Forgotten items include identity cards, driver's license, credit cards, glasses, car and house keys, shoes, cell phones, bags and wallets with money.


All kinds of lost and forgotten goods in the Department of Municipal Police are kept to be delivered to the owner. The goods brought by the sensitive citizens themselves, as well as the police teams and security teams delivered to the delivery of the goods are recorded with the record.


The lost items are found in the public areas of Marina, Sekapark, Yuzukka, Naila Cafe, SDKM, city bus stops, fair and in our municipality. The items delivered to the owners are delivered to them with the report again. Identity cards, which cannot be delivered to the owners, are sent to the Directorate of Population, their licenses and licenses are issued to the Directorate of Traffic Registration, the City Card Transport Department, the bank cards are given the necessary information and the credit cards of their customers are canceled and destroyed by the Department of Municipal Police.


Metropolitan Municipal Police teams called the citizens to call the forgotten items Alo Zabıta153 and 331 65 89 phone call is sufficient, he said. It is stated that it was delivered to the citizens who were not present at that moment by the teams and if they found their belongings at a later date. Authorities have access to the owner of the lost goods by calling an address or phone number or if they have IDs through the muhtarlıklarını citizen explained.

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