European Bike Contest kicks off

The European Cycling Challenge has begun: The European Cycling Competition, where the city's most en cycling miles en competed, won the city's most cycling city. Last year 52 17 among the European city. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, this year, the 31 will run in the competition until May, aimed ahead. Bike enthusiasts to join the Izmir city team in this race I They need to register at.

All Izmirians who ride a bike will be able to compete with the residents of many European cities throughout May as a member of the team named after their city. Metropolitan Municipality, representing Izmir, is participating in the European Cycling Challenge 2017. In the contest, which is also defined as the “challenge” of cities to each other, everyone who registers for their city's team for free will compete with European cities by recording their bike rides for a month with a mobile application. İzmir, which ranked 52th among 17 countries last year, targeted a better rank this year by saying “force to pedals”. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which strengthens its image of “bicycle city” day by day with its investments and projects carried out, called the citizens of İzmir to support the European Bicycle Competition supported by the European Commission.

Pedal for Izmir
The competition, held between 1 - 31 May 2017, will be open and free of charge to anyone living in participating cities or traveling to these cities for any reason. Cycling lovers to join the Izmir city team in ECC2017 I site must complete the participation form. After downloading the free mobile application NAVIKI to its smartphone, the participants are cycling all their journeys such as business, school, cinema, shopping and recording them through the application. All tours made by bicycle other than sports activities are accepted as part of the competition. If you do not use a smartphone, you can write your travel data to the relevant section on the web page. Those who want to participate in the race can record up to the last day and contribute to the score.

The points determined for tire changes, repairs and mechanical adjustments during the race were determined as Konak Ferry Port, as well as Alsancak Ferry Port and Bostanlı Yasemin Kafe as well.

Racing excuse, health care
Last year, 72 thousand 73 kilometers cycled the İzmirliler successfully representing Turkey in Europe, will pedalla city of Izmir this year to move up the rankings ah. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its activities to maintain transportation in an environmentally friendly manner and in this context, has provided a 46-kilometer bicycle path to the city, bicycle routes to the coastline for a healthy city, the bicycle rental system BİSİM and the Efes-Mimas Bicycle Routes created with the voluntary support of İzmir i had taken important steps towards its goal of making it a “bicycle city”.

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