Behiç Erkin's Memorial Grave

Behiç Erkin Eskişehir Sevdalısı
Behiç Erkin Eskişehir Sevdalısı

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality carried out environmental cleaning of the mausoleum of the great statesman Behiç Erkin, who achieved great success in the distribution of soldiers and ammunition to the front in Çanakkale and the War of Independence, and completed the flowering and germination works.

Turkey's establishment and after the world appreciate that marked the great things, Ataturk's close friend Behiç Erkin Eskisehir Enver Station near the mausoleum, was brought to state worthy of the name of an environmental improvement by the Metropolitan Municipality teams.

Behiç Erkin, who died in 1961 in Istanbul, was buried in the monumental tomb on a wooded area at the Enveriye Station where the Izmir-İstanbul-Ankara lines meet. The monumental tomb, Behiç Erkin's 2. He gave Turkish passport in Paris during World War II and is visited by relatives of 18.000 Jew, who was rescued from the Nazi massacres as a debt of fate.

Behiç Erkin, one of the founders of the Republic of Turkey, the commander who successfully managed the logistics of the War of Independence, the first general manager of the State Railways, the deputy, the Minister of Bayındırlı, the Ambassador of Budapest and Paris, who autonomized the Istanbul Technical University and translated its language into Turkish, founded the first public museum of the young republic, the Revolution History Museum, He is a statesman who is among the founders of MIT.

The teams of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Parks and Gardens first completed the environmental cleaning of the mausoleum and the maintenance of the tomb. The teams that flowered the surroundings of the mausoleum completed their work by applying rolled grass to the empty sections.

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