Countdown in the tram! Place Yahya in the Captain

Trolley works are now coming to an end, and the journey will probably begin by tram within this month. Beautification asphalt is done on the tramway and side roads. 10 days before the beginning of the bus station Yahya Kaptan'a came to work. At the beginning of the 3 day-to-day work, asphalt paving is carried out on the asphalt sideways. Asfaltı places immediately open to traffic. The cover of the tram-in asphalt pavement will be painted in green. Starting from Otagard and until the end of Rafet Karacan Boulevard, the tram road of about 4 kilometers will be made asphalt.

Asphalt works followed with the Director of Rail Systems Branch Fatih Gurel Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mustafa Altay, Yahya Captain until the entrance bridge will be done asphalt works will be done in the 3 days and then the road line studies will be done. Following the Yahya Captain, Altay stated that they will start the asphalt works at Mustafa Kemal Boulevard in the M.Alipaşa Neighborhood and in the M.Alipaşa neighborhood, he announced that the last layer (wear) and the tramway road will be finished within 2 weeks after the asphalt of printing begins.

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