200 bus from Antalya to the city center

200 bus from Antalya Metropolitan to urban transportation: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will take 200 bus to solve the problems in urban transportation.

With the item included in the agenda of the Metropolitan Assembly, 50 units of small buses (midibuses), 50 units of 8,5 meters and 100 units of 12 meters of large buses were offered to purchase a total of 200 municipal buses. Following the approval of the proposal in parliament, the tender for the purchase of the 200 bus will be prepared. Relevant agenda item: 50 small bus, 50 8,5 meter and 100 12 meter bus purchase to our Metropolitan Municipality; to purchase 63.000.000,00 TL budget for this purchase, to add to the 2017 budget (T1) scale and to perform all kinds of transactions related to the purchase of the General Directorate of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Birol EKİCİ, the Transportation Planning and Rail System Department. proposal letter.

In addition to the current 40 municipal bus, the Metropolitan Municipality bought 50 new buses and 90 municipal buses started to serve. The 200 municipal bus will start to serve in Antalya with the purchase of the 290 municipal bus.

Since February, 450 12 meter private public bus and 90 12 meter city bus are serving in Antalya. 540 bus service will be available in Antalya city transportation with the purchase of additional 200 city bus to the existing 740 bus.

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