From Ankara to Istanbul Pass YHT Ayas Tunnel

yht ayas tunnels from ankara to istanbul
yht ayas tunnels from ankara to istanbul

Speaking to SABAH Ankara, Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said that they would make a direct line from Ankara to Istanbul via Ayaş Tunnel, which was idle after the Eskişehir line came to a certain fullness.

Ankara Representative Okan Müderrisoglu, A News Ankara Representative Murat Akgün, ATV Ankara Representative Sebnem Bursalı, SABAH Ankara Editor Osman Altinisik and Daily Morning Ankara Representative Ali Unal held a meeting in the meeting, Minister of Transport and Communications Ahmet Arslan made important statements about the repression.

The basis of 1976 is 9. Speaking about the Ayas Tunnel, which was thrown during the reign of Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel and returned to the snake story since then, Minister Ahmet Arslan said: However, there is also water for our purposes; Ankara-Eskisehir-Bilecik-Istanbul enough to take the load and this line does not lift, not enough when we say we will make Ankara-Istanbul. The shortest and most accurate route When the Ayas-Eskisehir line reaches a certain level, Ankara-Istanbul will be built. It will be faster and at least the 350 mileage will be faster. Therefore, it will directly appeal to the Ankara-Istanbul passenger ”.

Minister Ahmet Arslan said about the direct flights from Ankara to the capitals of other countries: “Ankara's international flights are everyone's demand… But there is a fact; you will fly back from here to the opposite country, will be back to Ankara from the opposite country. For example, when the passengers from Denmark come to Ankara, there should be a chance to continue wherever they want ınca When this is not the case, only the passengers going to domestic flights in Ankara prefer this place. And the planes don't fill. Why does everyone want Istanbul? When you go to Istanbul there is a chance to fly anywhere. Transit feature is not very easy to gain. Remember Sabiha Gökçen… Nobody preferred it. When it has reached a certain capacity, Sabiha has become a preferable connection to many places from Gökçen and now it is not enough. He's going to find him in Ankara, but it doesn't seem very possible soon. As a result, Turkish Airlines makes feasibility about this and if it sees sustainability in this feasibility. Turkish Airlines initially put flights to many places. Without compulsion, he had to give up. ”

Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that the works related to the extension of Keçıören Metro to Kızılay and Esenboga Airport were continued under the ministry of ministry and the extension of Çayyolu Metro to Temelli was a long term process.

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