Hope on the cable car in Alanyaspor

Hope on the cable car in Thessaly: Fixed income sources are very limited Aytemiz Alanyaspor, looking forward to the end of the cable car will be opened shortly after.

SPORTS Toto Super League representative Aytemiz Alanyaspor, Alanya Municipality is looking forward to the completion of the construction of the cable car. Former Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioglu and the current Mayor Adem Murat Yucel, the cable car with each person who came to Alanya Castle 1 TL to be given to Alanya were said to do. Leading the orange green team in every period for the future of the financial strengths of the management of the management of the event also live in the thrill of having a permanent income. The castle will be completed in the coming weeks with everyone from the castle to the castle in the remaining TL'a 1 TL will be divided. The first mention of the ropeway was given by the former Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu at the project stage. When the Mayor Adem Murat Yücel was elected after the elections, the subject was transferred to Yücel and the President said that Yücel would do what was necessary. Interview with the company from everyone who came to the castle to provide the 1 TL will be provided and follow-up of the subject will be a follow-up Yucel, Alanyaspor community drowned joy. The completion of the Teleferik was most popular with the management board and supporters of Alanyaspor. Because for a long time the problem of fixed income sources living in Alanya, so that a significant income will be gained.

Source: Arzu Nal Yücel - I www.yenialanya.co

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