Akçaray's fee tariff must be gradual

One way or another.

I say Ramadan, you say Bayram. Let me tell you September, you call it year-end.

They stubbornly make a tram to Izmit. Eventually the tram will run in this city. We'il discuss it a lot after we start working. We calculated 120 million, how much did it cost? How much was it worth to all this trouble? Relieved urban traffic, brought order and convenience to public transport, and vice versa? These are the next jobs.
Now, the tram is scheduled to serve between 16 thousand passengers a day between Sekapark-Otogar and Akçaray's fare schedule.

Of course, trams, minibuses, rubber wheels are advantageous over the bus. No mite-smell. No tax-insurance. No tire money, no body damage. “Alas, the diesel 10 penny came raise yok does not say. The tram will use electricity, and there will be a salary patriot. The cost is quite low.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is now trying to determine the fare schedule for Akçaray, which will operate between Bus Station and Sekapark. First of all, the tram fare schedule cannot be less than the current city minibus fare schedule. During the holidays (for example, 15 July, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha are guaranteed). However, the fare in normal times cannot be below the current local tariff (2.10 TL). Already minibusers are stinky to the tram, even if the cost is low, the tram schedule cannot be set below the minibus fare.

While doing this work, a gradual fee schedule should be made. Today, the only public transport service where each line is the only charge our province in Turkey. You can get up from Derince and go to Umuttepe (30 odd kilometers), Fevziye in front of Yenicuma (stone explode 1 kilometers) is the same price in İzmit. That's a big mistake. Damage for the passenger and the van. Kent Card will be used on the tram. In this system, it is extremely easy to apply a gradual fee schedule. The system needs to be installed at stops. If there is a gradual tariff on highway tolls, if you enter Adapazarı and Çamlıca, and Hereke and Çamlıca leave different fare, the same can be done for the passengers on the tram.

For example, if you take the tram from the bus station and get off at Sekapark, it is 3 TL. We need to put a stage. If we switch to this gradual system on the tram, we can apply this system for all public transportation in the city. Public transport systems only make sense when fair fare is applied according to the distance traveled. With the tram, it is time to step into the gradual system in Izmit.

There is one more subject. In our city, the ratio between full fare and student fare is not fair in public transportation. In the public transport system, the students who travel the most are the students. I think that with the commissioning of the tram, especially for the schools in Cumhuriyet District, for the schools in Yenimahalle, which will be completed soon, the parents will not need to keep the service vehicle and pay service money. Very convenient conditional subscription ticket tariffs can be explained for students in the tram system. In this way, the transportation load to the families of the students is reduced and the service vehicle traffic is comfortable for the city. I'm sure all of them are also considering metropolitan officials working on the tram fare schedule.

Source: İsmet ÇİĞİT - www.ozgurkocaeli.com.t is



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