High Speed ​​Train Statement from AK Party Kahramanmaraş Deputy Ünal

High Speed ​​Train Statement from Ak Party Kahramanmaraş Deputy Ünal: 64. Government Minister of Culture and Tourism, AK Party Kahramanmaraş Deputy Mahir Ünal said that Kahramanmaraş was one of the provinces that received the most investment in the last five years. Referring to the high-speed train project, Ünal said, "The high speed train project of Kahramanmaraş is what the Gaziantep-Adana line is," he said.

The members of the press working in the city together with a special facility 64. Government Minister of Culture and Tourism, AK Party Kahramanmaras Deputy Mahir Unal, answered questions from journalists. Mahir Ünal, Ak Party Kahramanmaraş Provincial Chairman Ahmet Özdemir and Onikişubat Mayor Hanefi Mahcicek accompanied. Ünal gave information about the investments made in Kahramanmaraş and sincerely responded to the many questions asked from the fast train to the stadium. Ünal stated that they have carried out important works in Kahramanmaraş at the point of investment. He said he was next.

16 April referendum also evaluated Unal, the 72 et Yes insanlar game received in Kahramanmaras, stating that the game is a great success, belir Referendum need to look at it, we promised a system of people and promised this system, our citizens have approved with a vote of% 52. This is the perfect thing. So they voted% 52 what they didn't know, how they couldn't think and what they didn't face until now. And we also brought it to the 40s where we brought a vote three months ago, which also has 41-52s. I mean, I don't think it's true that we're the 60-70, and it doesn't feel like I've dropped to 52. This referendum should be different from other referendums. In the 2010 referendum, we talked about the change in the system. But this referendum was a referendum where the whole system was spoken. Therefore, I do not find 52 low in the whole country. When it comes to Kahramanmaraş, it doesn't happen two times. AK Party's votes were% 72, MHP's votes were% 12, their sum is% 84, so it is wrong to say that AK Party and MHP should get 84 in referendum. This is not a general choice, it is not a local choice. This is a referendum. A voter who voted for the AK Party or voted for the MHP in the election may also give a referendum. Why, because we are talking about the system change, we do not choose the mayor. N he said.

Providing information about the high-speed train project Mahir Ünal, "Gaziantep-Adana line in the case of what is the case in Kahramanmaras high-speed train project," he said. Unal underlined that the works are continuing, termin In all developed cities, train stations, bus terminals and airports are made out of the city as much as possible, and they are taken out. Because this is done in the center of the city, the city's rudeness, the city's traffic is made even more inextricable. The world is doing a smart thing, the plane doesn't make the train, the train does not rival the bus. It plans to complement these vehicles as complementary. It says that until 200 mileage bus, 400 trains up to the mileage, 600 also says the aircraft until the mileage, in this way a planning is done. In this kind of city transportation, we said that the airport should enter the city, let's do something like this, let's combine the high-speed train station with the airport, so let's plan accordingly. In fact, when the project was taken off the plane, we said that the citizen should take the fast train. If a citizen comes from Kahramanmaraş, if you get to Gaziantep by high-speed train, you can go to Kahramanmaraş instead of Gaziantep or if you can reach Adana in 40 minutes, instead of going to Adana, I will go to Adana now. I will go to the train station, but the fast train in Kahramanmaras is right next to the airport. We talked about all of this, what we couldn't decide was the cost of putting it in the city. We are already making the Logistics Village Turkoglu, so we will do the fast train line Turkoglu. We think that too. But you know the fast train Gaziantep-Adana line to be planned together with the current Adana-Adana line in the case of what is in Kahramanmaras's fast train project. The project tender and other works are currently being carried out. As you know we have made it clear to the President of the Republic that we have explained it to Binali Bey that he will consolidate the work Biliy.

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