TEKNOSAB, The Most Accurate Address For Domestic Cars

TEKNOSAB, Indigenous Most Accurate Address Cars: Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, said they saw it as a history of the domestic automobile production on behalf of Turkey threshold, "to address the most High Technology for the production of domestic car is teknosab that we Organized Industrial Zone. As BTSO, we will continue our efforts to bring the domestic car to our country and to produce it in Bursa yerli.

Speaking at the May Day Assembly Meeting held at the Chamber Service Building, BTSO Chairman Burkay said that with the disappearance of the uncertainties after the referendum, the economic indicators and expectations have been undergoing moral developments. President Burkay, prepared in line with the expectations of the business world and presented to the agenda of the Parliament 'Production Reform Package will add great strength to the city and country industry, he said. exports in the first 4 percent in 6,7 has increased in Turkey, while exports of Bursa in the same period remained level 13,5 percent noted that Ibrahim Burkay, "as private sector confidence that we needed, and even in this difficult period with steps leading our way, we showed once again what succeeded we can" he said.


President Ibrahim Burkay, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's TOBB's 73. At the General Assembly, he evaluated the call for 'produce domestic cars' for the business world. Turkey noted that the domestic automobile production threshold seen as an historic name of Ibrahim Burkay, "the locomotive of our strength in the automotive manufacturing sector, particularly the space is indicative of the high potential in strategic sectors such as aerospace and defense. Bursa, adapting advanced manufacturing infrastructure and advanced technology in the industry as Turkey's national car production is likely to be the most important actors. Automotive Test Center will be implemented in Bursa 4. TEKNOSAB, which we plan as a symbol of the industrial revolution, is the right address for the production of our national automobile project. As BTSO, we will continue our efforts to bring our national car to our country and to produce it in Bursa milli.

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