Smart traffic and signalization period with 1250 cameras to Bursa

Smart traffic and signalization period with 1250 cameras to Bursa: Experts emphasized the importance of transferring transportation at the meeting with the theme 'alternative transportation in Bursa' organized by Bursa City Council.

Bursa City Council, 'Bursa Speaks' meeting, this time 'Bursa Alternative Transportation' issue was discussed. Ataturk Congress Cultural Center (Merinos AKKM) in the Presidential Hall of the program, Bursa institutions, non-governmental organizations and citizens showed interest. Honor stance and the program started with the reading of the National Anthem Bursa City Council Chairman Hasan Çepni, 81 the first day of the general assembly meeting held in Bursa talked about the transportation of the city's most important issue of the program, he said. Çepni reminded that they tend to focus on every issue of interest to the city and stated that they want the public to express their views and also to know the works and solutions proposed. Çepni said, ele In the meeting we consider all aspects of transportation. We will gather the results and share it with the public and the Metropolitan Council. The solution in transportation is not one-sided. Of course, our managers will develop new solutions, open new roads, build new bridges, and build new bridges. We should adopt public transportation, parking problem and adapt to traffic rules. Toplu

“We do not reduce the number of lanes on the way to Istanbul“
The session of the program was moderated by Bursa City Council President Hasan Çepni. Metropolitan Municipality Consultant Taha Aydin, individual transport traffic problem can not be solved, the importance of public transport told the need to understand. Aydın said that they faced bureaucratic oligarchy while solving the traffic problem and shared the studies about the traffic that the Metropolitan Municipality had completed and done. 1.8 trillion dollars in the world is a rail system market, so they entered the rail system, so that both 50 savings and technology has been created, he explained. 2 or 3 vehicles in each house is now more than the population growth, said the vehicle is experiencing. As the Metropolitan Municipality, trying to simplify life in every respect voicing Aydin, Dr. Brenner gave information about his work. Aydın said, kesim The 80 cuts the traffic from the pedestrian in Bursa until the vehicle is driven. We have to solve transportation. We're always pushing conditions. The T1 line is over. T2 work continues. We are also working on new tram lines. We have serious engineering work to reduce the range of flights to 2 and a half minutes. We are developing plans for the construction of underground metro lines. We also develop underground tunnels for vehicles. We know the solution is in the rail system. The tire wheeled vehicle consumes a unit of energy per unit of 6, while a unit of electric transport is spent. This also means that it pays 6 times faster than self, Bu he said.

Providing information about the current lines, Aydın, a rail-drive project between the university and Görükle, for the high-speed train from the Balat 'project was prepared. He also announced that there are two tram projects on FSM Boulevard. Sharing the samples on the T2 line, Aydın responded to the rumors that the road to Istanbul would fall into two lanes. Aydin, said; . In the projects and photos of the roads already increased the number of intersections of 3 strips. The number of pedestrian crossings is increased. We've removed the overpass number to 11. We brought the number of intersections to 5. There will be no traffic light. Why isn't it made underground? questions are coming. All reports prepared by this time said the tram. We are trying to shape the city within the framework of this report. We declared 2017 as the year of transport. Because of these concerns, we are trying to solve the transportation. One way to be preferred for the metro should be 25 thousand passengers. The 2 is one million euro per kilometer from the tram line, which is 13 million euros. We do this for 2 million euros. We're not reducing the number of lanes. We want to take the underground, but we can not bury the nation's money. In 2030 it will be up to 9800 passengers on the route up to N.

Lightning, regardless of the cost of the underground rail system, explaining that it is necessary Aydın, the project will support the government, the first excavation will be shot after the tender said. Rail that received the new double-cabin systems for local tram cars Total 12, 450 million TL stated that Turkey's Aydin remained in his pocket, gave information about the work of local roads and intersections.

”Transportation should be preferred“
TURSID and OIDER President Levent Fidansoy, transportation is one of the main sectors, the transportation will start from the planning of the city, he said. In Bursa, 90 is now the transfer time, but the transfer rate is at 15 levels. Fidansoy said that they support the use of bicycles in Burulaş. In developed countries, cars are only used on weekends or in compulsory situations, and the population of which is over 2 and a half million in Bursa, Fidansoy said, da You cannot connect hundreds of thousands of neighborhoods in Bursa. We have a bus line on 210 right now. Bus lines should be around 100. If not, the duration of the voyage is longer. We're driving through 60 minutes. Normally it should be between 5 and 30 minutes. Roads are made in our country and cities, but in many of them a lane is used as a car park. The need for parking should be eliminated by different methods. The lane is slow in traffic when there is parking. It is not possible to go from one place to another in a single vehicle. Everybody wants to stop in front of his house. We have to let go. The 500-600 meter is normal to walk up to a public transport vehicle. When the traffic gets better, the public transportation vehicles will be able to stop at the right time. We can also reduce environmental pollution by metro and tram. Ayrıca
40 percent in the United States, the coverage rate of transport costs in the ticket price, which is why Europe is describing 30 100 Fidansoy percent in Turkey, said that the elimination of this logic slowly.

Akk Urban regeneration projects must be added to the bicycle paths “
Erdem Saker, one of the past mayors of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, said that he was honored to attend the meeting of Bursa City Council. Saker explained that city councils are an important element of democracy, and that humanity is faced with the disaster of being and extinction and that this is due to global warming and climate change. He explained that the carbon dioxide gas released into the atmosphere was caused by the carbon dioxide gas and the energy and transportation systems pumped into the atmosphere. Explaining that we have to develop a new model in transportation, Saker said, Ulaşım We should not drive as much as possible. Bicycle is a very active transportation vehicle in the world cities. In cities, bicycle paths should be projected like other vehicle roads. I especially recommend the transfer system. People should be able to get free public transport from one public transport to another within a certain period of time. Thus, people should be encouraged to transfer. Of course, we should not expect all applications from the city administration. As citizens, we have to keep this end of the line. I also prefer transit transportation and enjoy the city with pleasure and enjoy the place I want. Everyone should do that. We need to secure the bike paths. Urban regeneration projects must be added to the bike paths, K he said.

”While the population is increasing by 7, our number of vehicles has increased by around 30%“
Deputy Police Director Önder Dülger, with other institutions and citizens of safety is a whole, they are constantly intertwined from morning to evening, said the citizen is the most secure dialogue. Giving information about the areas of operation of the Police Department and the traffic branch with the establishment, Dülger explained that the traffic problem can be solved by creating traffic awareness and traffic discipline. M It is the responsibility of us to supervise all this, esi said Dülger. Our population of 40 million 55 thousand in 73, today has reached 2012 million 2 thousand. 680 is the number of vehicles in the 2 thousand thousand thousand. The number of drivers 900 reached one thousand thousand. 600 percent of the population increased while the number of vehicles increased around 750 percent. As the population and the number of vehicles increase, there are more fatal and injured traffic accidents. The most fatal accidents occur between 850 and 7, where the night speed is higher and control is low. The most wounded accident is between 30 and 00. Especially in June, July and August there is an increase in accidents. Everyone thinks there's more accidents in the winter time. However, in rainy and snowy weather, citizens travel more carefully. 03 thousand people in Bursa and people are seen to be punished. Almost two of the vehicles were given a penalty, "he said.

Giving information about the control systems, Dülger, Metropolitan Municipality and the Provincial Security Directorate has developed a new project, the difference points of our city, 1250 new camera will be placed, both in terms of public order and traffic in terms of electronic control will be passed.

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