Cooperation offer from Cumhuriyet University to TÜDEMSAŞ

Cooperation proposal from Cumhuriyet University to TÜDEMSAŞ: Rector of SİVAS Cumhuriyet University. Dr. Alim Yıldız continues to visit the institution in order to further strengthen the University-city cooperation ties.

In this context, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan visited the Rector. Dr. Alim Yildiz received information from Kilicarslan about his work. Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. Mehmet Şimşir, Sivas Vocational School Director Asst. Assoc. Dr. Uğur Tutar, General Manager of Teknokent Assist. Assoc. Dr. Serdar Mercan, Secretary GeneralDoc. Dr. Hakan Yekbaş was also present.

Speaking during the visit Rector. Dr. Yildiz said, mutlu In recent years, we have been delighted that a place that has been in a state of closure is now opening again. Beautiful things are done in the name of the city. We, as the University, are ready for them if they have jobs to do, for example, intermediate staff. For example, the brake system is done here. I think we need staff here. We can open such a section in our Vocational Schools. In other words, we will be able to provide you with intermediate staff or to train personnel who can work in the national train. Our university has such a benefit. Ünivers

Rector Stars, al If you remember, we met with business people in Istanbul, you want the staff in the field, tell us about it, we said we should do a study for it. But not until now. That was their opinion. Okay, we'll go to Sivas and make an investment, but we find engineers, or we find elements that don't understand anything, they said they didn't need us. We have three partners in Teknokent, we think you should be a partner here as well. At the moment, we do good things at Teknokent, hopefully we will see the results at the end of the year. Friends have gone, many Teknokent'i visited, what is being done, what can we do here? Our technology transfer office was opened there, the patent office was opened, now our new building is about to end, our first building is full, there are also those who apply to our second building, we want to make it active there. Orada

We are working to serve the city as the University Rector. Dr. Stars,. Now when we say Sivas two brands came to mind, now the third brand will occur. Sivasspor was the first brand in recent days so you know, with the rise to the Super League. Cumhuriyet University is already a brand. Tudemsas is also a brand. Let's bring together two brands, let's serve three brands, Sivas. Bir

In his speech, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan said, î We are providing training in the resource training center here with the support of our Governor and the National Education Directorate. Children, a professional organization comes to exam. If the exam is successful, an international document is given after the exam. When the children come out, they get a serious fee for the companies that do business with us automatically. Our main goal, of course, is the state policy, Sivas's freight wagon center. Here, together with the support of the Cumhuriyet University and the National Education Directorate, we plan to train and employ our children, intermediate staff, two-year vocational college and university graduates. İşte

After the speeches, Rector. Dr. Yıldız, TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Koçarslan and his entourage visited the R & D Center within the factory, the material fields belonging to the Material Department, the Robotized Boji Production Line, the Wagon Production Factory, the Quality Control Department Laboratories, the Welding Education and Technologies Center, and made observations about the studies. took.

After the examination Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Yıldız, ard TÜDEMSAŞ is one of the most important factories for our Sivas University. It was a place where five thousand people worked, and so five thousand families lived. In the later period he had begun to lose the property TÜDEMSAŞ but we saw today that we toured the factory produces something new to Turkey and doing case studies in the world. Together with these studies, we see that TÜDEMSAŞ has started to rise again. I once again say that we are with TÜDEMSAŞ as a university. Sivasspor, a major brand of Sivas, with the emergence of the Super League now showed itself again. This will add significant value to Sivas for us. The second one is Cumhuriyet University, the third one is TÜDEMSAŞ and if we bring these brands together and we can do something, we move our city much further in terms of service. Üç

Koçslan, the General Manager of TÜDEMSAŞ, finally stated, “We were very happy with the visit of our Rector. We would like to thank our professor as a freight wagon family in Sivas with TÜDEMSAŞ family and 2200. We have been honored by us, we are always at the side of Cumhuriyet University. Biz

The President of TÜDEMSAŞ Mr. Yıldıray Koçarslan paid a visit to our new generation National Freight Wagon project. Dr. He presented a plaque of appreciation to All Stars.


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  1. The university cannot contribute to the national train project. The rectors of universities and teachers cannot help with the dmy issue. It develops with railroad applications and following uıc 'countries. However, after 20 years, they only start to become railroaders. Nowadays, it is useless to read staff assignment as it is political. CU can only instill the spirit and love of customer satisfaction, increase productivity. dmy. The important thing in DMM flour is to give importance to the employee, to reward them, not to be judged, not to behave politically. This depends on the managers being good railroaders.