Ray Welder Certified Project Introduced in Erzincan

Ray welders Sertifikalanıy Project Introduced in Erzincan: on the road is, Supporting Lifelong Learning in Turkey-II Grant Program supported by the European Union "Ray Welders are Sertifikalanıy" The introduction of the vocational training project called and was in Erzincan for lifelong learning informative seminar.

Labor and Social Security, Ministry of Development of the European Union and the Financial Assistance Department of Human Resources Operational Program conducted by grants to approved projects at the seminar about information sharing, Turkey's first certified rail welder of were told that they would gain a significant chance for employment were included in the lifelong learning process .

The second seminar of Ray Welder Certification Project and Lifelong Learning Information Seminar, which was conducted by the Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER), was held in Erzincan. Representing the project associate at the seminar held in Erzincan Meva Hotel, Cüneyt Türkkuşu, Vice President of Human Resources Department of TCDD, Yusuf Kenan Aydın, Manager of TCDD Erzincan, representing the project co-applicant institution. Together with Bünyamin Aktaş, many students, unemployed adults and TCDD employees participated.

In the opening speech of the seminar, Mr. Özden Polat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of YOLDER, informed the participants about the Alumunothermite Ray Welder courses for employment and the certification exam to be held at the end of the course. Polat, da We received many applications for the total 6 course in Izmir, Ankara and Erzincan. Among the applicants, we will start training on Alumunothermite Rail Source, which is very important in the field of railways by selecting the 60 person. Courses will start in 8 May 2017 in Ankara and Izmir and 15 will last for days. 3-21 We will organize two courses in Erzincan between July and July. After completing training will take the exam in Turkey's sole authorized certification organizations, and the successful employment of unemployed trainees will be provided to at least ten percent of our xnumx's "he said.

Giving information about the work of YOLDER, Polat continued his words as follows: beklenen Improving the economic and social conditions of the members expected from professional organizations, strengthening the solidarity and solidarity, as well as contributing to their vocational education. One of the issues we focus on as an association is vocational training. While our members focus on activities that will contribute to their professional development by participating in lifelong learning processes and recognizing their past learning, we are experiencing the excitement of opening a door to the unemployed with this project. This project supports our enthusiasm and support that will ensure the realization of the European Union Delegation to Turkey, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Thank you to the Financial Aid Department of the European Union. "

”Young people should be involved in lifelong learning processes“

Cüneyt Türkkuşu, Vice President of Human Resources at TCDD, who made a presentation on lifelong learning, emphasized that the developments in the field of railroad systems increase the need for qualified and self-improving human resources. Noting that there is an increasing competition in the labor market, Türkkuşu stated that employers prefer the workforce which increases their professional competences and documents their development as well as formal education.

Çiğdem Albayrak, a lecturer at Refahiye Vocational High School who gave a presentation representing the co-applicant institution, gave information to the participants about Erzincan University and gave information about trainings especially in the field of rail systems. Answering questions from the participants, Albayrak said that graduates should continue to develop their professional knowledge and skills so that they do not have difficulty in finding a job, learning is a life-long process.


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