MOTAŞ personnel received personal and development training

MOTAŞ personnel were given personal and development training: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Public Transport Services MOTAŞ A.Ş. personal and development training.

In Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, in-service training activities organized periodically in order to increase staff productivity continue intensively.

The in-service training seminar for the managers and staff of the Metropolitan Municipality was held by 4 on May Thursday at the Ramada Golden Apricot Hotel.

The first part of the in-service training program on Personal Education and Development was given to the managers by Ertan Mumcu, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, and the Department Heads and Branch Managers.

On the first day of the two-day in-service training activities, information was given to Department Heads and Branch Managers before and in the afternoon. On the second day of the in-service training, a seminar was given to the employees of MOTAŞ.

Deputy Mayor Ertan Mumcu made a speech at the opening of the first day of the training seminar. . We have a great responsibility as employees of an institution that is based on serving people around a very sublime cause. We are trying to make useful contributions to our city and our people. I believe that this kind of training programs will contribute to the communication within the institution and in the public.

We all need to produce high value-added products at all levels of this country. This country needs it. Today, if we can speak uprightly, we are a self-sufficient country. We all owe this country. The settlements within the borders of the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality need us. We have production, work, service. I hope this training seminar would be better İn.

After the speech of Deputy Secretary General Ertan Mumcu, Personal Development and Training Specialist Sıtkı Aslanhan gave a seminar on 'Personal Education and Development' with the presentation. At the seminar, Aslanhan stated that the communication between the staff was effective in the realization of the services and especially the communication and interaction between the people and the development of technology decreased gradually.

In-service training In the seminar, trainings were given to the staff of the Metropolitan Municipality, then to some of the company personnel.

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