“İTAKSİ Çağ Period in Istanbul

Ret İTAKSİ es Period in İstanbul: Bel İTAKSİ ”, which brings a new vision to the İ Smart City ine concept of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, introduced İBB Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı.

The ”İTAKSİ“ project, which brings a new vision to the İstanbul Smart City sağla concept of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will provide time and fuel savings and will provide automatic payment via Istanbul card. With İTAKSİ, transportation comes with great convenience, highest level of security and service quality.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which continues its efforts to expand public transportation and access, brings a local and national vision to the İstanbul Smart City ı concept with the service of İTAKSİ, which it has implemented in private transportation.

Introducing the İTAKSİ project to the press members at Haliç Congress Center, İBB Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı said that the project will save time and energy by preventing the taxis to walk around empty on the roads and will maximize citizen satisfaction.


Hayri Baraçlı, l As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it is our job to make firsts. We have many projects related to smart city applications. Today is an important project on behalf İTAKS of Istanbul and Turkey, we are introducing the taxi application. In this way, we have carried out very important work on taxis, which occupy an important place in urban transportation. We are implementing the most usable project that we have determined in the workshops that we do together with our taxi drivers. In the first phase, 4 will be applied in a thousand taxis and we have taken into consideration all requests and desires. Bir We are putting into practice a work that will enable our citizens to meet their taxi needs more quickly and will effectively and efficiently reduce the number of taxis on the roads and improve the service quality of our chauffeurs. Vat

It is also very important that the quality of the system that will be monitored and controlled by taxis can be measured by technological means is also very important, Baraçlı said.


Uz With İTAKSİ, we ensure that our citizens can get to the nearest free taxi immediately. Our country imports energy over 60 billion liras annually. We will save energy by reducing the number of vehicles on the roads. We will both ease the traffic and make Istanbul transportation easily accessible. The most important feature of this study is domestic and national software. This is very important for our country. Bu

Iyor Everyone supports measurability and controllability. As the whole project is installed on this system, the Cabinet tradesmen and the Cabinet Chamber support this work to the end. Son Baraçlı said, ası This project is very important in terms of both passenger safety and driver safety and payment convenience. In this way, our taxi drivers and citizens can travel more comfortably and safely. Our passengers will take a registered taxi from the center. We eliminate the problems between the citizen and the taxi driver with this project Vat.


Barakli underlined that it would be possible to pay with Istanbulkart at İTAKSİ, and said that passengers could calculate the cost by determining where to go with İBB NAVİ before taking a taxi. In this way, the votes in the meter and similar complaints will disappear, indicating that Baraçlı, said:


Iz As IMM, we will come to the point where we will follow the taxi system from one center to another. The camera records inside the taxi will remain in the vehicle and will not be transferred to any center. When there is a problem with security, our technical teams take these camera images. These images are stored in the cab for a certain period of time. He then self-destructs. In addition to the İTAKSİ center, we have a national mobile application. You can call the nearest empty taxi with mobile phone smart applications. Taxi driver comes to you from the moment the taxi driver accepts the call. This is controlled from our center. In other words, it will be a study that will maximize citizen satisfaction and reset complaints. Yani

In the program, with the ITAKSI, the charging unit produced by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for electric vehicles was also introduced. The system, which will be used for ITAKSI in the first place, will soon spread all over Istanbul.


The applications to be made within the scope of İTAKSİ are implemented with the domestic software developed completely by Turkish engineers in accordance with the move to nationalization and localization.

The Center for Public Transport Audit and Management will be monitored by centralized control of all means of public transport. Taxis can be routed, coordinated; to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. It will connect the customer with the fastest and most economical route.

This system, which enables dynamic planning and can meet the demands of instant transportation, will enable national software to reach a brand value that can be placed on the world market. The new system was developed in an effort to create a Turkish brand that is not only unique to Istanbul but also worldwide.

o For the vehicles authorized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and registered to the system, the passengers can make inquiries and calls via smart phones.
o Providing the most appropriate route alternatives to the user according to his / her own preferences so that the queries and calls can be responded quickly and effectively.
o Remote monitoring of vehicles registered to the system using vehicle tracking services and directing those who are within the scope of the call to the passenger
o Increasing customer satisfaction by scoring drivers and service quality of the journey
o To keep track of which driver is working on the vehicle and to ensure continuity of driver service quality
o Increasing customer confidence and safety by registering drivers and vehicles
o Prevention of time, fuel losses and standby problems, Ease of access to public transport
o Reduction of unnecessary traffic density by reducing the number of vacant taxis in traffic
o The integration of credit card and other smart payment systems (Istanbul card, mobile payment etc.), which are part of the current life, with alternative payment methods other than cash to the transportation sector. With the tracking of taxis registered in the system,

Solutions That Simplify Taxi Work
o Meeting of passengers by taxi without having to drive
o Saving fuel and time by preventing idling
It can be integrated with Public Transport Control and Management center by security camera, panic button and GPS tracking
o Support instant navigation to the drive with the tablet to be installed
o All journeys to be registered in the system
o Ability to respond to electronic payment requests
o Increasing the quality of service in taxis and the rise of taxi professional standards
Solutions That Simplify the Passenger's Work
o Calculate the (approximate) fee before the trip
o Call a taxi from anywhere in the city
o Safe journey
o Payment by credit card
Pay with Istanbul Card
o Record of past travels (and access to forgotten items in taxi)
o Multi-language support
o Ability to score drivers / select drivers according to ratings
o Save frequently used addresses (home, workplace, etc.) and preferences
o When calling the taxi; filtering according to the vehicle segment (Yellow Taxi, Turkuaz Taxi, Black Taxi, Sea Taxi)
o To make a reservation in advance date or periodic

o The device operates automatically when the vehicle is running and the device will operate as long as the vehicle is running.
o In order for the vehicle to accept the call, the driver must login to the system.
o Driver ID verification will be done through the database.
o If the database does not respond in time, the information in the Taxi Management Portal database will be validated.
o In case the system is not logged in by registered drivers, the driver is not prevented from starting the journey, but the management is notified.
o In order for a new driver to log into the device, the current user session is terminated with confirmation.
o On the call screen, the vehicle's position on the map, the customer acceptance distance and availability status (busy / suitable / passenger present) are displayed. The customer acceptance distance is chosen from the range determined by the management.
o When the call comes from the passengers; the name and surname of the caller's passenger (masked), the address created by the call, the type of payment, the location of the vehicle and the passenger on the map, and a screen with a route to the starting point of the call.
o There are. Accept “and” Ignore “buttons on the call. If the driver accepts the call, the “Navigating to the Passenger kabul screen appears. This screen shows the customer's location and routing to that point. When the customer is reached, the trip starts with the ilgili Travel Start ”button or the relevant taximeter button.
o If the incoming call is rejected, the application returns to the call screen.
o After the call is accepted, the in-app search can be made to the passenger within the time period. (The passenger's name is masked and his phone number is hidden.)
o If the call is canceled after the call has been accepted, the call will be terminated by entering the cancellation justification.
o On the screen;
o Passive (masked) name-surname,
o Location and movements of the vehicle on the map,
o (if the end point has been entered by the passenger)
o It is also possible to enter the end point and get directions from the driver.
o When the end point is reached, the driver completes the trip with the tamam Travel End ile button or the related taximeter button and proceeds to the ind Payment Screen o.
o By the end of the journey, the passenger is directed to the da Payment Screen o.
o The driver can use the on Emergency Button u in the vehicle during the trip.
o If the passenger wants to change the payment type immediately
o Direct transfer from credit card to cash payment.
o Driver's approval is required to switch from cash to credit card.
o The İTAKSİ Module is an application that includes both taxi drivers and taxi user interfaces.

o The passenger goes to the görmek My Promotions tanımlan page in the menu to view, examine, or identify promotional codes that are defined by the system.
o View here the promotions (if any) defined by the system or defined by entering the code (s).
o The new promotional code can be entered with the button on this page.

After the launch of İBB İtaksi project, equipment installation for the first 4000 taxi will be started. IETT Hasanpaşa and IETT Topkapı Garages are selected as the installation area and 8 is the assembly station where 16 vehicles can be assembled at the same time. The first 4000 taxi working license will be selected from the deadlines, and the next step is to register the 17.395 taxi to the system.

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