TCDD 3. General Order Information Meeting No. 551 in the Region

TCDD 3. 551 General Order Information Meeting in the Region: TCDD 3. Regional Directorate of New Art Gallery, Alty General Amendment No. 2701 on Safety Rules to be Followed in Road Maintenance and Construction Works by Third Persons on Railway, Edge and Near, İnşaat was enacted as of 01.03.2017, lar Construction Conducted by Contractors in Railway Infrastructure, A meeting was held on the implementation principles of the General Order 551 for Safety Requirements in Maintenance and Repair Activities.

TCDD 3. Regional Manager Nizamettin Cicek, coordinated by Nizamettin Cicek, and served in the field of Railway Safety and Risk Management, attended the meeting by Regional Service Managers, Assistant Managers, Controllers, Engineers, YBO Managers, YBO Chiefs, Facilities Chiefs, Gar Managers and Refekat Officers. 2701 with General Order 551 The differences between General Order and the order of 551 were discussed.



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