ATMs were re-installed in Istanbul metro

ATMs were relocated to the Istanbul subway: Some bank ATMs at the metro stations on the Anatolian and European side of Istanbul were removed in January. ATMs, which are expected to be replaced in April as a result of the tender held in the same month, took their place at the stations with a new order with a delay of one month.

After the tender process in January, ATMs, which were removed from the metro stations one by one, started to take their places at the stations with a delay of one month.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) teams were placed in the cabins earlier this week. After the installation of the cabin, the other units that will install the ATMs started to put the ATMs of the banks into the empty cabins during the night hours. Jizhaz are expected to be available from next week.

In the previous case, the irregularly positioned withdrawal devices at different points of the stations will be available in one new point and all in one. In addition, banks at some stops have changed while the number of banks at some stops has increased.

There was a fierce competition between Ziraat Bank, Isbank, Garanti Bank, Yapi Kredi, Halkbank and Akbank for the tender of the ATM track, which was opened by Metro AS, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Metro AŞ divided the tender route into 5. The main artery stops and the stops with few passengers were made into packages together and presented with a system that was evaluated by the bankers as a 'balanced' distribution. When the tender was held with the auction method, the price was 3 times the stops that were 2 years ago. Yenikapı, which combines with Marmaray, is the stop title where the price-breaking competition is experienced most. Bankers noted that the figures on the European Side increased to higher levels than the Asian Side in general. The most popular line on the Asian side Kadıköy- Eagle. According to the information given, the lowest rental price was 180 thousand TL / year and the highest price was 650 thousand TL / year.

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