112 Billion TL investment to Istanbul transportation by the end of the year

Istanbul transportation, 112 Billion TL investment by the end of the year: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr.Hayri Baracli, 2017 by the end of the year to invest in Istanbul will reach the level of 112 billion TL, he said.

Intertraffic Istanbul, bringing together the Turkish transportation sector for 18 years, was held in 24-26 May 2017 at Istanbul Expo Center. Intertraffic Istanbul, where 30 exhibitors from 200 countries took part this year, received visitors from countries such as Europe, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia and Turkic Republics.

Intertraffic Istanbul 9. Speaking at the International Infrastructure, Traffic Management, Road Safety and Park Systems Fair, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr.Hayri Baraçlı said:, Cities are constantly migrating. Considering that the population in cities will be around 2030 in 60, it becomes clear that traffic management will come to a different point and how the public transportation systems will affect the mobility of the city. Smart public transport systems, intelligent traffic systems are our most important goal. We are carrying out many projects related to public transportation. In the last 13 year, an investment of 98 billion liras was realized in Istanbul. The share of this budget in transportation expenditures is 45. The amount of investment we will make to Istanbul until the end of 2017 will be 112 billion TL X.

In traffic accidents, most of the vehicles are being driven by the road Trafik

While introducing new technologies for smart transportation systems to the participants and visitors of Intertraffic Istanbul Fair, which is held at the meeting point of Europe, Asia and Middle East, Laçin Akçay, General Manager of Highways, said that the technology contributes to the reduction of traffic accidents. made emphasis. Lachin, azalma In 2015 year-old accident data, it is seen that there is a decrease in the number of people who lost their lives in the accident area by 17. In this context, especially divided roads have reduced the traffic accidents and ensured the safety of our roads. It is determined that the most deaths in the country are caused by the outflow of vehicles. Therefore, banal shake band applications were started in 2015. On the roads where this application was made, there was a decrease in the average 37 percentage in vehicle accidents. Bu



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