Which roads and subways will be closed in Istanbul on May 1

Which roads and subways will be closed in Istanbul on May 1: The roads leading to Taksim and Bakırköy will be closed to traffic. Metro Osmanbey will not stop in Taksim and Şişhane; Besiktas, Kabataş and Karaköy piers will not serve.

Governorship of Istanbul, 1 May announced the closed road and canceled public transportation services.

1 May Labor and Solidarity Day will be celebrated in Istanbul as well as in our country.

Improvement of working conditions and working conditions of our workers and laborers has always been a priority of our State. The following measures were taken to ensure that 1 May is celebrated in peace and peace with our workers and laborers:

. In our province; In order to ensure the safety of our citizens, our 30.101 Security team will take charge.

As of 05.00, only Osmanbey, Taksim and Şişhane Metro stations will remain closed in order to prevent the daily life of our citizens. the metro will transit through these stations. also KabataşBeşiktaş with Taksim Funicular line and Karaköy-Tunnel Funicular line, Kabataş and Karaköy Piers (including Dentur and Turyol Piers) will not operate.

· In addition to canceled flights, we will continue to provide public transportation services in our province.

· 1 May 2017 The following are the ways to be closed on Monday at 04: 00 until the end of the celebrations.

Roads to be Closed to Traffic in Bakırköy:

· Incirli Street,

· Olgunlar Street,

· Ismail Erez Boulevard,

· Ekrem Kurt Boulevard,

· Fikret Yüzaltı Street,

· Bahçesaray Street,

· Sayfiye Street,

· Pembeay Street,

· Pelinli Street,

· Mental Hospital Street.


Alternative routes:

· D-100 North-South,

· Beach Kennedy Street,

· Yüce Tarla Caddesi,

· İskele Street,

· Prof. Turan Güneş Street,

· Karabal Street,

· Dr. Tevfik Saglam Street.

Roads to be Closed to Traffic in Beyoğlu District:

· Tarlabaşı Boulevard,

· Mete Avenue,

· Gümüşsuyu Street,

· Sıraselviler Street,

· Halaskargazi Street,

· Cumhuriyet Street,

· Tunnel between Feriköy and Dolmabahçe.

Alternative routes:

· The current coming from Unkapanı Bridge and the Thursday Market will be directed towards Kasımpaşa and Karaköy,

· The current coming from Kasımpaşa will be directed from the Salt Warehouse to Hasköy and Karaköy,

· The current coming from Dolapdere will be directed to the direction of Sisli via the Divan Junction and over the Tunnel, or to Beşiktaş via Stat.

· The current coming from Dolmabahçe Gazhane Street will be directed to Beşiktaş or Karaköy without giving to Gümüşsuyu.

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