Metrobus will be blocked by barriers in a possible accident

In a possible accident, the outflow of metrobus will be prevented by barriers: 7 was killed in the 32 accident in the last 9 over the last 68 and XNUMX was injured. Following these accidents, IMB started to install new barriers that would prevent the exit of metrobus from the road in the event of a possible accident and other vehicles entering the BRT

In order to reduce the traffic density in Istanbul's main arteries and to provide fast and comfortable transportation, the BRT system, which has been commissioned in order to provide fast and comfortable transportation, has gained an important place in the public transportation with the number of passengers exceeding the average 2007 million from the 1.5 year of the first stage. The third stage of connecting the two sides of the Söğütlüçeşme section in the 2009 Metrobüs step in the year, due to the doors of the buses were discussed from time to time with the reverse implementation. In fact, the reasons for the accidents caused by this reverse direction of the application is not strong enough to suggest metrobus road barriers (railings) were shown. While the discussions were going on, accidents followed.

According to the news of the newspaper Habertürk, 2009 accidents have occurred since 32, which have been reflected in the media. 68 people died in the accidents in which 9 people were injured. The common point of these accidents is the vehicles crossing the barriers and entering the metrobus road or the metrobus entering the main road from the opposite direction.


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, after the controversy and accidents, metrobüs path to separate the barrier that separates the road has begun work. Aiming to prevent the vehicles from entering the BRT or metrobus from flowing traffic, the barriers between the Golden Horn and the Avcilar were changed first. Barrier refurbishment works are designed to allow the outgoing vehicles to avoid unintentional travel.

Today, the number of vehicles is increasing day by day, one of the important elements of road safety, railings, the characteristics of the BRT roads and vehicles are analyzed and the risk of road exit. The renovation works carried out by expert and experienced teams in the field will continue to Beylikdüzü along the Metrobus road.

Barriers on the Metrobus road are positioned higher than the previous barriers.

Within the scope of the recently launched İBB project, wire barriers are replaced with new reinforced barriers. Working Beylikdüzü will last until the last stop.

The barriers were like this.

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