Latest situation in light rail system project in Van

The latest situation in the light rail system project in Van: The Governor of Van and the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Governor Taşyapan, announced the projects to be made in 2017. With the projects to be implemented by the Van Metropolitan Municipality, the van will leave great troubles behind.

The Governor of Van and the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Governor Taşyapan met with local and national press members in the hotel hall, and the municipal authorities announced the 2017 projects of the metropolitan municipality.

Stating that they started feasibility studies for the light rail system, which is the dream of the people of Van, Taşyapan said, “There is a much talked about rail system debate in the press. Of course, this rail system debate is in the press based on the pre-Republican history. The most important transportation system in metropolitan cities is of course the rail transportation system. So far, there is no system that passes this. We have decided to do a feasibility study with all that is about how important this is for our city. Rail systems are not profitable in cities of our size in the world. Rail systems are profitable in cities with a central population of at least 1 million. It can also be light rail systems. Our province is located in the basin of Lake Van. It is a province with much distance from one end to another. In this sense, we started a feasibility study. We will share this work with the public and our press. We stand behind all the services that are in front of our city. We work in good harmony with our district municipalities. We support them in matters that are beyond their means. I hope we will do this summer by working together in harmony and turning it into service. " said.

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  1. I think you should give your real energy to the construction of the railway which will be connected to Horasan and Erzurum from Erciş-Patnos-Ağrı and Eleşkirt route with the rail system in Van. Because this is the most important project for Van.