Trolleybus becomes suicide of Şanlıurfa traffic

Trolleybus Sanliurfa traffic will be suicidal: Sanliurfa Chamber of City Planners President Selim Açar, the tender will be done trolleybus Sanliurfa traffic for suicide by emphasizing that, instead of the trolleybus should be made subway, he said.

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality The trolleybus project with a length of 7 kilometers in Sanliurfa; 63 line will work on the line. 200 34 500 2030 61 75 24 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX The date of the tender for the Trambus (Trolleybus) project planned by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality for the purpose of relieving public transportation was determined as XNUMX April.

24 meter long 10 trolleybus vehicle will be purchased for the project. Total 7 as round trip
The trolleybus, which runs between Abide and Balıklıgöl, aims to make public transportation faster and more modern. The project is expected to be completed in 1 year, yet it has not been announced yet.

Sanliurfa City Planners Chamber President Selim Açar told the newspaper that the population of Şanlıurfa is equivalent to Greece and that the trolleybus project will create problems rather than relieve the city traffic. Açar, Sanliurfa traffic to the metro line or the Havaray system should be done to relax.

Selim Açar, devam Troleybüs project, the former Mayor Ahmet Eşref Fakıbaba is a project ongoing. First of all, you need to talk about this before the route. We've said it a couple of times, we're tired of saying, they didn't get tired of it not being taken. Our transport does not have a master plan. There are Kahramanmaras, Gaziantep, and all the developing cities in the plan. We approach the problems with a day-to-day solution approach. We are trying to determine the capacity of how many passengers we need with the capacity of the line called 63. However, the car count, after that how much of the circulation of passengers are determined by these systems or do we need to talk to him first or this system needs to talk to another system, "he said.

Ud The world's first metro is 1870 in the year of London, ur explains Açar. The traffic at that time was more complicated than us? Every year in Sanliurfa, 150 gets thousands of car plates. What will be the projection of these tools? 70 will be the 2023 anniversary of our republic, which we look nationally. Nationally, our projection is a year we have determined. We deal with Urfa and do not deal with Syrians when dealing with Urfa. We have about 100 thousand Syrians. 800 Sanliurfa in Turkey in terms of population. province. In terms of the population in Turkey will be xnumx'nc xnumx't the big cities. This is the data of TURKSTAT, I am speaking based on the data. We will pass Adana and Gaziantep as the population. We look at the rail system in Gaziantep and Adana. In Gaziantep, there is such a problem, I went to investigate and I detected on the spot. Tramway is not a solution to the traffic of Gaziantep brings unsolvability. There is no servant of Allah satisfied by the tram. It occupies a large part of a very wide road network. 8 meters where you have to return after the 2023 kilometers you have to return. Met he said.

Underlining that the population of Şanlıurfa will pass Konya in 2023, President Selim Açar, Konya's 20 year, has a tram. When I went to Konya, he had hung a poster on the billboards in order to start the metro project. In 2023, our population will pass through Konya, and I don't count Syrians. Again in parenthesis, we have as many Syrians as one of our population in 3. I'm going to tell you we're not going to add that to the people. If the tram is not enough for Konya, if the guys start the subway, why we start from trolleybus, metrobus, tram. Why don't we start directly from the subway? The Kecioren subway, which started in Ankara during the Karayalçin period, lasted for 20 years. Melih Gökçek did not finish, Ministry of Transport finished. 7 years after the metro will need to tell us now that we need not to get up and troleybüs or tram turn to. We no longer have our way to remove them, we have no axes. We will now transport public transportation to the air rails in Istanbul or lower it to the ground. There's no other way. Turkey's most fertile Shahriar, Greece more than the annual population growth rate, our annual population growth rate of Urfa is more than a country. You have to think about how to serve this population in the future. You have to go planned, scheduled, projection. Otherwise 5 will be blocked after years, you will not find a solution. Traffic is suicidal, I've said it over and over again, I'm telling you again. Unfortunately, everyone is a city planner in Urfa, and I think that there are not enough tests. This will be seen in the future. We're going to see the traffic lock, we're going to see that right and left turns are forbidden. If they make a nostalgic tram, I call amenna. From Sarayönü, let's get back to the center after Haşimiye, Balıklıgöl and museum. When tourists arrive, they get it for tourist purposes. I say thank you, applause. Ben He said.

Selim Açar, pars When we make a plan in the zoning law, the parking area will be covered by the parcels as required by the parking regulation. We're city planners, I'm falling. What the municipality is doing, departs a contractor for the contractor. It comes to the account of the contractor, saves money. And then I have to put my car on the street. The municipality may intervene with the council, but what should he do if he cut it? It must make 500 meter-wide zone car parks with coins. This must be a very symbolic entry-exit fee. We have a lot of parking difficulties, in fact, the traffic distress. Celalettin Guvenc during the period before we passed this. If necessary to be made to expropriate car parks will be made. There are 3-4 vehicles in each house, each year 70 is given to the vehicle in the vehicle, not enough in the future. This is the way we need to do local parking lots. There are precedents in the parkomats cut by the municipality. Aksaray, Kayseri, Ankara etc. The Council of State has decisions, such as irregular. It is fixed with the decisions of the Council of State, which will not be charged for parking if it is moved to the court. Mah

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