Libart to Represent Kinetic Architecture at the Grand Design Exhibition

Libart will represent Kinetic Architecture at the Grand Design Fair: Libart will represent its innovation-focused products on the international platform for a week

29 Between April and May 7 May, Libart will be presenting its innovative products at Grand Designs Live, which is considered one of the most important exhibition and exhibition events of the last 10 year in the UK, and will meet with sector representatives on a multicolored international platform. Innovation-oriented systems and products will be displayed at the fair, which will take home users and buyers out of the traditional search. Libart will present its innovative and sustainable design-engineering partnership with examples of opening roof systems, roof skylights, independent moving structures, sliding doors and vertical sliding guillotine windows to the sector at the fair.

Beside Libart architects with systems and solutions that internalize the exterior
Libart, which will take place in the “Outdoor” category of Grand Design Fair, produces solutions to make the gardens and poolside one of the internal living units when required. It offers different living solutions both to expand spaces and to make them multifunctional. It develops transparent mobile structures in residential or commercial spaces where outdoor spaces should be joined to the indoor space for climatic or other reasons, and it almost mobilizes the architecture. Libart, which has been with the architectural offices since the determination of the space needs, increases the architectural possibilities as a solution partner. In this way, open spaces which are extensions of interior spaces; it can become a restaurant, cafe or a terrace that can be opened on the top floor of the building, without being empty; provides embrace with four seasons.

Turkey's first kinetic architecture solutions are preferred company in the world Libart 25 years
With its dynamic architectural systems designed and produced for architects and professionals who want to make a difference from all over the world; It has been preferred in restaurants, cafes, hotels, commercial facilities, residences and industrial facilities for 25 years. The aluminum and glass telescopic movable structures in the product range of the company, which set out with the philosophy of "the spaciousness of the outside, the comfort of the inside", are always innovative, functional and remarkable. Behind Libart's R&D, design, engineering and manufacturing activities, there is a promise to provide flexible living and working spaces that add value to buildings and life for its customers, suitable for all weather conditions. Founded in 1992 in Turkey Libart, 3 production centers in the continent, handy for the building sector with dealers in more than 25 countries "kinetic architectural solutions" offers. Libart products have a wide and worldwide reference network ranging from industrial giants such as Nasa, General Electric, Boeing to cafes, restaurants, villa pools or terraces.

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