The Foundation of Kars Logistics Center Was Laid

basis of the logistics center
basis of the logistics center

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication Ahmet Arslan stated that they have made many investments in railway transportation and said, “We are doing one more thing, it is very important that we get rid of the black train. We are changing the turkey. The black train is delayed, maybe it never arrives, we have arrived at the time when the high-speed train will catch up. We changed the turkey.” said.

Minister Arslan, at Harakani Airport in Kars, where he came to attend various programs, Kars Governor Rahmi Doğan, AK Party Kars Deputy Yusuf Selahattin Beyribey, Kars Mayor Murtaza Karaçanta, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Serdar Güngör, Provincial Police Chief Faruk Karaduman, AK Party Provincial President Adem Çalkın was welcomed by protocol members and party members.

Minister Arslan, who participated in the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Kars Logistics Center, stated that they made an effort to serve all 81 provinces, especially Kars.

Explaining that they serve the public and offer many projects while serving, Arslan said, “We continue to serve with 81. We will not be limited to this. We will continue to embrace with the oppressed and victims of the world, as it has been until today, and to make Anatolia the main quarry, the mother's lap and the father's quarry for them. You have no doubt about it. May my Lord be pleased with you. ” he spoke.

Arslan emphasized that they are a family of 100 thousand people as the ministry and thanked all the team who spent the night to serve the country separately.

We continue to weave the country with iron nets

Arslan pointed out that they continued to weave the country with iron nets from the beginning and continued:

“I want to say once again that railways have been completely neglected after 1950, especially for 50 years. The railroads that Atatürk cares so much have been abandoned to his fate. So what? 100 years ago, the road going with a speed of 120 kilometers, then the road started to deteriorate. We said that we will renew the road, 'you can go 100 kilometers from here'. Again, the road is old and we said that we will renew the road again, 'You will go 70 kilometers from here.' Again, we said that we are going to renew the new road, which is outdated, 'you will go 50 kilometers from here.' What we did, while the grandfather's house was not renewed, we offered the world's most luxurious, comfortable house, the most comfortable way to our nation. We have become the 6th high speed train operator of Europe, the 8th world. ”

Referring to the investments made in rail transportation, Arslan also noted that they have changed the song “Black train is delayed, perhaps it never comes”.

Minister Arslan said, “We are doing one more thing, it is very important that we get rid of the black train. We are changing the turkey. We have come to the period when the high-speed train arrives, from 'the black train will be delayed, maybe it will never come'. We changed the turkey. We have brought the electrified line of 4 thousand kilometers to 6 thousand 300 kilometers. We are not satisfied with this, at the moment, the construction continues at 2 thousand 300 kilometers. While the amount of signaled lines was 5 thousand kilometers, we brought it to 7 thousand 300 kilometers. And there, our work continues at 2 thousand 300 kilometers. We have renewed exactly 11 thousand kilometers of the 10 thousand kilometers line. Our aim is to make what is more comfortable, and we do not want to be content with that, but we want to weave our country with high quality comfortable railway networks, one for the other.” he said.

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