TCDD meets with domestic producers

TCDD met with domestic producers: liği TCDD Supplier Days da organized in Istanbul within the scope of local production mobilization were held in Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

In this program; TCDD Board Member and Deputy General Manager Murat Kavak, TCDD Heads of Departments and other officials and domestic industrialists came together.

Speaking before the bilateral talks, TCDD Deputy General Manager Murat Kavak said, konuşma We are making very serious investments. We want to make these investments from domestic sources to a great extent, to improve our domestic companies and to make them competitive. Both our own needs within the country to meet, as well as our rising industry to increase our share of exports as a national target and the State Railways are working towards this goal as well. Ac He said. Kavak said, inşa We invite you to our production facilities, which are under construction, to all our facilities, and we would like to see you on the spot. We would very much like you to share with us what kind of contributions you can make to one-to-one consultation here. Ne

TCDD Deputy General Manager Kavak after his speech; The historical development of TCDD made a presentation to the participating companies on the 2023 targets, as well as the localization rates of the attracted and withdrawn vehicles carried out.

After the speeches, after the program in the İTO Conference Hall, foyer area was opened and more than 100 executives had face-to-face meetings with TCDD Managers at round table meetings.



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