TCDD to overcome the problem

TCDD will overcome the problem with the overpass: From the junction of DSI to the Gültepe bridge, the Directorate of TCDD 4, which will draw the supporting walls on the two sides of the railway line, will make the overpass to ensure the transition to the school district and the new stadium.

TCDD 4.Region Directorate will eliminate the problem that will be experienced in the transition to the schools zone due to the wall of the project to be towed to the railway.

Providing information on the activities of the Regional Directorates, TCDD 4 Regional Director H. Ahmet Şener said, “Our regional directorate has 95 project which has a total amount of 30 million in Sivas province. The sum of their 2016 year spend is about 37 million. Physical realization seems to be seven percent, but we had to renovate 35 km, which included 53 million of the last year's expenditure. He has replenishment studies. When this is complete, we will open it shortly and this physical realization will be past the 30s.

In the 2017 year, our important projects will be the completion of the maintenance and repair warehouse of the railroad operated between Sivas and Divriği. Yıl

Providing information about 2017 projects, Regional Manager Şener said: Tecer-Kangal railroad called the way we host a large tunnel, small stations, meaning that we will build saydingler, in this way will increase traffic capacity. Again, our important projects within this year are the transition comfort improvements of level crossings, the establishment of automatic systems, and the transformation of high-level crossings. These will continue. In some of our stations, the lighting of the station area has been transformed into LED floodlights. Bazı

DSI junction up to the Gültepe bridge across the railway line will make a two-sided contract that will record the hatt Schools district and the new stadium there are people. That's why we're going to make a pedestrian overpass to that area. Muhsin Yazicioglu park within a carpet field. It will be in a way that integrates into the way just above it. We will make an overpass to that area again. We left the municipality with the protocol of preparing the project, preparation of the location, construction and reconstruction. The rug will go right over the field. Reinforced concrete, approximately 140 meters in length, disabled people to work with a lift overpass planned. We will do a viaduct again at the junction of DSI. We will build a viaduct to cross the railway and Ankara highway. The municipality will make the connection ways, the earth-coat of arms. Toprak

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