TCDD Transportation Inc. - DTD Meeting Held

TCDD Transportation Co. - DTD Meeting Held: Railway Transport Association (DTD), the developments in the sector, to evaluate the events and to exchange views between TCDD Transportation Inc. has requested a meeting.

TCDD Transportation Co. upon this request, a meeting was held by inviting the DTD Board of Directors on 11 April 2017. TCDD Transportation Co. Veysi Kurt, General Manager of the meeting, chaired by Deputy General Manager Mehmet Uras, Head of Logistics Department Mehmet Altinsoy, colleagues and members of the DTD Board of Directors attended.

TCDD Transportation Co. Deputy General Manager Mehmet Uras made a presentation to DTD and gave information about the general situation and activities. DTD Board of Directors made a presentation including its opinions and suggestions.

The meeting was held in an intimate environment and problems and solutions in the sector were expressed and mutual opinions were exchanged. Following a positive and fruitful meeting, it was decided to continue such meetings regularly in the future.



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