TCDD Obstacle and ex-convict worker procurement required documents and procedures

Documents and Transactions of TCDD Disabled and Ex-Convict Employees: Turkish State Railways The documents and procedures requested by the candidates who received the oral exam of 28 March 2017 by TCDD were published.

TCDD Bitlis and Bilecik Provincial boundaries for the disabled quota deficit, Bilecik 123 Road Maintenance and Repair Supervisor for each of the disabled students who actually passed the oral exam 1 for Bilecik. Regional Directorate Haydarpaşa / Istanbul will apply. Bitlis for 5. Regional Directorate will apply to Malatya. Applications will be made between 13 April and 14 April.

The documents requested from the disabled workers are as follows: 2 disabled health board report taken from hospitals authorized to issue disability reports (Notarized or original certified by the TCDD authorized person) (notarized or approved by the TCDD official.)

2 Number Military status certificate (indicating demobilization, postponement or exemption), 2 Number of judicial registry records (to be taken from the Public Prosecutor's Office or e-Government password and e-Government address, court decision will be requested for registration), 6 photo, If any, in terms of the implementation of the Law on Social Insurance and General Health Insurance, any social security institution subject to the service scale is required.

CLICK for the documents and application information required for the recruitment of ex-convict workers.
CLICK for documents and application information required for the recruitment of disabled workers.

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