When to Promote Bank Promotion

udem haksen head peker minimum salary net must be 2350 tl
udem haksen head peker minimum salary net must be 2350 tl

When to Promote Bank Promotion: Ten million pensioners have finally reached a solution, although the bank promotion is not enough.

1404 TL for years, such as a funny wage for years working in bad conditions and trying to maintain their lives around the 740 thousand stones when the bank promotion will be given to the Minister of Labor and Social Security and government officials here I ask.

The subcontractor works with utmost diligence in carrying out the full range of State services.

People who are employed in subcontractors and security services are deprived of this right when they benefit from the right of civil servants, workers and retired promotion.

We expect the government to take the necessary steps as soon as possible to terminate this situation, which is not suitable for the state of social law, and give promotion to the subcontracted workers.

It is an obvious fact that 1404 TL is a wage application below the wage hunger limit.

Its employees will be in the presence of a happy country.

The subcontractors and private security employees serving the state have been obliged to provide their staff without being delayed.

This will be a bestowal, not a delayed right.

Subcontractors and private security workers are our people.

This unfair situation must be corrected as soon as possible.

I'm inviting the authorities.

Transportation As Hak-Sen, I would like to say that we will follow this issue.

UDEM HAK-SEN Chairman Abdullah Peker

Günceleme: 12/12/2020 09:57

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