The floor of the Sivas high-speed train station was bruised

The floor of the Sivas high-speed train station was bruised: claims that started with the shifting of the high-speed train route out of the city do not stop. High-speed train station planned to be made on the ground in the university area, the allegations of caries continue to be public opinion. No sound from the authorities.

The debate and allegations that started with the replacement of the high-speed train station that was planned to arrive in Sivas in 2018, and started with the removal of the high-speed train station outside the city, protects the agenda.

The issue of shifting the high-speed train station, which is thought to the city center, into the University campus would be a problem for both the university and the passengers.

While the problem of the route, the distances to the university and the passengers, and the problems to be experienced in terms of security continued to be spoken, the controversies were added to the ground problem.

It is claimed that the groundwork works for the high speed train station, which should be in the city center but taken to the university route, are done and the ground is bruised.

The grounds for the building of the station is the old river bed, so it is said that the ground is bruising, the authorities do not clarify the situation in public opinion is preparing the ground for the allegations.

If the building of the garage is built in this area, it will be a waste of the investment in terms of the building. It is also possible to pass the İsmet Yılmaz Bulvarı and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard, due to the elevation difference.

While in Turkey, especially in European cities also speed train stations in other provinces, which are the subject shifted out why and for what purpose in Sivas city still is curious.

The authorities are expected to inform the public by making clear statements about these allegations and how the problems will be overcome.

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    1. The most accurate is the rehabilitation of the existing station with historical features.

    2. As an individual who knows Sivas well and does his graduation thesis on "TCDD and Investment Activities", the construction of the YHT station to another place other than the existing station is a deterrent to the idea of ​​continuing the journey with YHT, especially for the passengers coming from Malatya and Samsun direction due to the difficulty of transportation. will be. This means the financial loss of TCDD. I believe that both the easy access to the passengers and the integration of the old station will reduce the cost of the station. Faik Aziz.İzmir