Rize-Artvin airport will be ready for flight at 2020

Rize-Artvin airport will be ready for flight at 2020: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan announced that Rize-Artvin Airport will be completed in 29 October 2020.

Arslan, said in a statement, Rize-Artvin Airport in terms of regional air transport said they care a lot.

This airport is the world's third made the sea and Turkey Arslan will be representing the second airport, "In the 25 85 million tons of stone embankment meters deep and will do. It is very important to emphasize the importance and feature of the airport. The conventional size 3 will be a 45 meter-long runway. We are talking about a runway that can fly and land planes all over the world. Dün

Arslan stated that the airport will be able to serve 3 million passengers annually.

Iz 25 will make a terminal with a closed area of ​​one thousand square meters. His project processes continue. According to the contract, the 2021 is expected to end in. We have met our friends again with the instructions of Mr. President. Rize-Artvin Airport will be finished in 29 October 2020. So after 3,5 years we will have finished this airport. We will have presented it to the people of the region. Enough that your goal is to do business and produce works. This region also has natural beauty. We will find the stone and make this airport. Rizeliler and Artvinans will be happy. With Rize-Artvin Airport, we will have an airport that will welcome our guests to the region, region people and a place that has such a valuable tourism center. R

Rize and Artvin Airport Arslan said that the show has reached the aviation sector in Turkey, while the airport in 2002 25 55 said today that an active airport.

About 35 million passengers per year while serving approximately 180 million passengers per year, and reminded that more than one million 200 passengers served over the years, ya More importantly, the world's largest and most passenger will serve the airport to Istanbul. This will serve XNUMX million passengers per year. It is an airport that will make our country the aviation center of the world. Yan

Noting that they are not satisfied, Arslan said, an We are actively continuing the process of making 6 airport. Istanbul, Rize-Artvin, Cukurova Regional Airport, Yozgat, Karaman, Gümüşhane-Bayburt can serve an airport, a new airport in Izmir Cesme vin İstanbul he said.

The Turkish aviation industry, becoming the center of the world's aviation services will become more and more developed by expressing the service will become Arslan, said:

Gel Because the investment in aviation, the rapid arrival of the investor, means that you can easily reach every place in the world. As the biggest obstacle to the growth of trade, economy, industry and industry, now, on the contrary, considering the point that our country has come to aviation, it has become a locomotive for the growth of all these things rather than being an obstacle. I hope he will grow and grow. Ş

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