PANEL sets a new record

Panel rail connection systems
Panel rail connection systems

PANEL broke a new record: It started its business life in 1990 as the 20.000nd shop in the Middle East Industry and Trade Center (OSTİM), where there are more than 32 workplaces today, and is currently continuing its business life in Oğulbey District of Ankara's Gölbaşı district. Panel Inc. He broke a new record with the excitement he had since the first day.

Panel Inc. In the past 2 days, ONE MILLION pieces of rail fasteners have been loaded with 18 truck. With this success, Panel has achieved a new record.

Panel Inc. products, and construction of high-speed trains, which continues to work in Turkey, more than 90% of success in the metro and tram lines and are used safely. In the world, more than 100 million products are used in more than 35 countries in conventional lines, high-speed train lines, metro and tram systems. The products are produced in a 10.000 m² factory with advanced technology and automation, from technical design to the R&D process, with the system it has created. State-of-the-art robotic fully automated systems provide the advantage of 100% repeatable and same quality production.

Panel Inc. has all the equipment, hardware and team manufactures reliable products at international standards.

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