False Announcement Frightened in Marmaray

marmaray trains
marmaray trains

The false announcement was intimidated in Marmaray: It was claimed that the platforms were evacuated with “emergency” announcement in Marmaray. It was revealed that the announcement that caused fear in social media stems from system failure. It was revealed that the claim that the platforms were evacuated with the 'urgent' announcement in Marmaray, which caused fear in social media, stemmed from a systematic failure.

After the claim, HABERTURK.COM'un Marmaray examined the site "Our flights are working normally" information was seen. Marmaray Passenger Directorate officials reached HABERTURK.COM also confirmed that the claims are not correct, voyages continue in the normal way. Habertürk News Center has reached the information that the announcement was caused by a malfunction in the sensors.

Source : I www.haberturk.co

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